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  ISBN Issued date Title Sub-title Auther Contents   Photos
Text  books 11238-8 Garment Design Textbook 1 Fundamentals of Garment Design Garment Design Textbook 1 Fundamentals of Garment Design   Bunka Fashion College This volume introduces the comprehensive summary of fundamental knowledge and skills on garment-making, explaining how garments have varied across the ages. It is also designed  to show easy-to-understand instructions of the fundamentals for beginners - methods of measurements, sloper theory, how to draw patterns,  description and usage of tools and fabric, basic sewing. This is printed in English to look ahead to globalization of Bunka Method - flat pattern drawing. BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE uniquely proposes BUNKA METHOD, and has a leading role as a top of the fashion professional schools in Japan.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112388/
11239-5 Garment Design Textbook 2 Skirts & Pants Garment Design Textbook 2 Skirts & Pants   Bunka Fashion College This volume includes the transition in skirts and pants, the knowledge for designs and what they are called, fundamentals of pattern making theory, silhouette development, fundamental dress making, sewing individual parts. A frequent use of  easy-to-follow illustration will help beginners learn these skills. This is printed in English to look ahead to globalization of Bunka Method - flat pattern drawing. BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE uniquely proposes BUNKA METHOD, and has a leading role as a top of the fashion professional schools in Japan.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112395/
11240-1 Garment Design Textbook 3 Blouses & Dresses Garment Design Textbook 3 Blouses & Dresses   Bunka Fashion College This volume includes the transition in blouses and dresses, the knowledge for designs and what they are called, fundamentals of pattern making theory, silhouette development, fundamental dress making, sewing individual parts. A frequent use of  easy-to-follow illustration will help beginners learn these skills. This is printed in English to look ahead to globalization of Bunka Method - flat pattern drawing. BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE uniquely proposes BUNKA METHOD, and has a leading role as a top of the fashion professional schools in Japan.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112401/
11241-8 Garment Design Textbook 4 Jackets & Vests Garment Design Textbook 4 Jackets & Vests   Bunka Fashion College This volume includes the transition in jackets and vests, the knowledge for designs and what they are called, fundamentals of pattern making theory, pattern making according to designs, adjustment, fundamental dress making, sewing individual parts. A frequent use of  easy-to-follow illustration will help beginners learn these skills. This is printed in English to look ahead to globalization of Bunka Method - flat pattern drawing. BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE uniquely proposes BUNKA METHOD, and has a leading role as a top of the fashion professional schools in Japan.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112418/
Sewing 10132-0   Pocket Rational guidance of 65 examples Miyoko Inage 65 kinds of instructions of pocket are carefully explained with biocolor printing, omitting troublesome work and seeking the rationality. Applied examples with abundant illustrations are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579101320/
  10130-0   Collar Key to drawing patterns and sewing method Kyoko Emori Collar is, in a sense, a face of clothes. In order to express numerous collars which will appear according to changing fashion in a beautiful, precise and free way, the techniques for drawing patterns and sewing are disclosed. Your question on collars will be solived in this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579101306/
  10131-3   Sleeve Techniques for easy-to-wear and its beauty Chie Koike Sleeves, one of the most difficult to make, have been solved theoretically, seeking functionality of easy-to-wear and beauty, and have been focused the explanation in the points of cutting, which is no equal with other book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579101313/
  10540-3   Design of Collar 168  Drawing patterns of various kinds of clothes Yoko Kikuchi & Shizuko Nagatomo Collar is the most eye-catching part in its clothes. How it looks depends on the kinds of clothes, even if it is the same design. 188 kinds of drawing patterns from a flat collar to a hood will help you to select the designs and to draw patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105403/
  10621-9   Design of Sleeve 188   Drawing patterns of various kinds of clothes Yoko Kikuchi & Shizuko Nagatomo Making sleeves that will satisfy the easy-to-wear functionality and beauty is one of the important point on making clothes. 168 kinds of drawing patterns from a basic to a unique are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106219/
  10617-2   Introductory book of basic sewing Mastering with comprehensive photos Setsuko Hosumi (translation) This is the sewing book for nowadays when one is requested to understand by “seeing” rather than “reading”. All the basic techniques with color photos are described in this. Including English translation.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106172/
  10699-8   Basic sewing for Jackets Mastering with comprehensive photos Setsuko Hosumi This book includes illustrations of sewing the basic 6 sorts of jackets, followed by the elaborate procedures. All are understandable with color photos as if you can see the real teacher sewing on the book. English translations are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106998/
  10824-4   Basic sewing for Skirts & Pants   Fujino Kasai Bottom is the item that will be used for all seasons. This book provides for the beginners, the basic sewing instructions of skirts and pants, the points of each design and the frequently used pockets, with process photos and the elaborate illustrations.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108244/
  10867-1   Basic sewing for creative placket learning rational technique with photos Kimie Sato Rational sewing for ready-made clothes should be applied for household use, simultaneously a technique to sew quickly and finely. All sewing parts are illustrated with detailed photos such as in front placket of blouses, sleeves, skirts and pants.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108671/
  10908-1   Sewing method of creative collar and neckline learning  rational technique with photos Kimie Sato The technique to finish beautiful collar and neckline is a trivial matter. These  points are introduced in 26 pattern making of collars and necklines like tailored, shirt, china collars, with the process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109081/
  10962-3   Basic sewing of creative pockets learning  rational technique with photos Kimie Sato 34 patterns in total that varies from patch pocket to seaming pockets with a flap are introduced. The techniques to be designed to easy-to-follow sewing and to appear finely will also satisfy the experienced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109623/
  10126-9   Book of a practical dressmaking   Shinichi Oishi This is the specialized book which theoretically deploy and illustrate the techniques of   dressmaking. This is devided into 2 parts - drawing patterns and basic sewing, and are described precisely from a basis to applications. out of stock http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579101269/
  10935-7   Technique of high-class tailoring   haute couture and its 40 years Yukitaka & Yoshiko Okaichi Only catching a key points will lead to mastery of tailoring haute couture. Elaborate explanation with more than 650 photos are included, showing  absolute techniques on the contrary to the recent trend that one prefers to select the more easy-designed.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109357/
  10714-8   Basis of pattern making   Kiyoshi Ono This is the book to make easy drawing of well- shaped "item silhouette patten" which is associated theortically with body and pattern, which is applied to every kind of clothes, and which is covered to grading. Suitable for from corporate tailors to students. The real-size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107148/
  11016-2   Basic drawings patterns on each item easy illustration for pattern of Bunka Fujino Kasai Pattern of Bunka is considered as being more suitable for the women's body which changes according to improvement in physique. 20 basic designs of blouses, one pieces and jackets and coats, as examples, are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110162/
  11156-5   Elegant vs. Casual from one pattern  Sanae Kosugi One pattern into another one which gives a different impression, are easily made on the subject of "elegant & casual". 18 works by 9 items are introduced. 7 real size patterns of S- to XL are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111565/
  10988-3   Sewing lessons of jackets and coats learing professional tailoring in a proper way Sanae Kosugi This book is for whom hesitates to sew jackets and coats due to its difficulty, to illustrate step-by-step process with pictures. Real size patterns of 4, from S to L, drawing patterns and application designs are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109883/
  11044-5   Collection for sewing individual parts vol.1 Skirt and Pants Kimie Sato This book collects basic sewing of bottoms, in which easy-to-follow instruction to a good finish is illustrated.  33 sewing instructions such as in fastener, belted waistband, beltless, pockets, vents, easy-to-make petticoats are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110445/
  11090-2   Collection for sewing individual parts vol.2 blouses and one-pieces Kimie Sato This book is a collection of the sewing methods seen mostly on blouses and one-pieces, with illustration of the easy-to-sew and having a good finish. 60 methods  are included such as sewing anterior end, bodies, collars, sleeves, cuffs.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110902/
  10439-0   New method of sewing individual parts   Yutaka Shimanaka This book is definitive edition of sewing individual parts which is essential in dress making, which will become a strong parter in sewing. More rational ingenuity are added to a traditional technique, covering the delicate one.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579104390/
  10711-7   Books for adhesive interlining unfailing selection and pasting adhesive interling Toshiko Sinyako The basic knowledge essential for dressmaking, how to select the adhesive inteling according to outer material, the points of how and where to put it, are illustrated with pictures and photos.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107117/
  11071-1   Pattern magic    Tomoko Nakamichi Clothes derived from free idea, decorated with innovative and beautiful shape and design are illustrated as if a puzzle is solved in the process of making them into patterns. 13 dramatic designs and its practical examples are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110711/
  11170-1   Pattern magic vol. 2   Tomoko Nakamichi Pattern is a sort of an instruction manual of dressmaking. It tells the structure of clothes more eloquently than words, to learn how the pattern can be created, with invariable equation of plain face and three dimension, clothes and pattern, followed by    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111701/
  10442-0   Questions on how to cut and sew   Bunka Publishing Bureau 164 items on questions of sewing, cutting, the treatment of materials are to be solved by an easily comprehensible illustration. A greatly helpful sewing book as your brain.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579104420/
  10778-0   My sewing boxmen's wear clothes for  holidays and to drop at convienience store  Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of drawing patterns as to fit the bodys of wearing persons, including the easy-to-make designs such as shirts, pants, jackets, coats, pajamas. Real size 8 patterns for mens are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107780/
  10578-6   Sewing for lifematernity and baby wear   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of wishing sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. 20 items such as daily wears, street clothes and pajamas during pregnancy, 15 items of coats for mom and baby clothes are introduced. Real size patterns for ladies ar   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105786/
  10579-3   Sewing for lifekids wear size:8090100110cm Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of wishing sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. 35 clothes for kids, from easy-to-make, easy-to-wear leisure clothes to a dresses on a special day. Real-size patterns for kids are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105793/
  10581-6   Sewing for lifeapron and kitchen tools   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of wishing sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. 34 aprons of verious designs, bags and kitchen mitten as small goods are included. Real size patterns for ladies are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105816/
  10582-3   Sewing for lifeskirts and jumper   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of wishing sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. 35 kinds of skirts, which is used all season, from the basic types to elaborate designs are introduced. Real size patterns for ladies are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105823/
  10583-0   Sewing for lifeculotte and pants   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of wishing sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. Various designs of from basic and easy-to-wear to over all types are included. Real size patterns for ladies are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105830/
  10584-7   Sewing for lifeone-piece   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of wishing sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. 35 kinds of one-pieces for all season, which are mainly treated as easy-to-sew summer matterials are introduced. Real size patterns for ladies are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105847/
  10585-4   Sewing for lifeblouse and jacket   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series of wishing sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. 35 introduced items varies from blouses and jackets to vests, umper and parka. Real size patterns for ladies are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105854/
  10587-8   Sewing for lifewear for mature MRS   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introduced as a series wishing of sewing makes a pleasant time in our life. The lounge wears and street wears to hide the shapes visually and to be not affected by the trend are introduced. Real size patterns for ladies are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105878/
  10897-8   Sewing basic booksBasic practical sewing     Bunka Publishing Bureau This book illustrates how to use sewing equipments, to caluculate the measurement of materials, to make patterns matched, to select interlining cloth and underlining, to sew on a machine, to do easy adjustments, to handle seams, to put bottoms on, to make frilling, gathering and the decoration of smocking on clothes.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108978/
  10541-0   Skirts and pants for kids   designed by Kotomi Hayashi, drawn by Neko Komori The book is intended to do enjoyable sewing, looking at cartoons even if you are a sewing beginner. Only with this book you can master how to sew skirts and pants. Instructions for 40 various items in 6 sizes for from 2 year-old (90cm) kids to 10-years old (140cm) are included. Real size patterns are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105410/
  10651-6   One-pieces and jumpers for kids   designed by Kotomi Hayashi, drawn by Yoshiko Nakama The book is intended to do enjoyable sewing, looking at cartoons even if you are a sewing beginner. Instructions for 33 items of the various designs in 6 sizes from 2 year-old (90cm) kids to 10-years old (140cm), which the complicated sewing process of sleeves and collars has been omitted, are included. Real size patterns are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106516/
  10992-0   Pants for boys & girls   designed by Kotomi Hayashi  This book is for kids who like the trousers of abundance in designs, regardless of sex, such as short pants, half length pants, long pants.  Real size patterns in 90-130 are included.     http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109920/
  10950-0   Kids' one-pieces and jumpers   designed by Kotomi Hayashi  23 easy-to-wear and lovely designs on daily or special wears are introduced. The sewing instruction is followed by the procedure with a process photos for easy handmaking. Real size patterns of 90-140 are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109500/
  11043-8   Camisoles & one-pieces   designed by Yoshiko Tsukiori 22 items of camisoles which can be wore on bare skin, T-shirts and sweater, and which   can be used in every season, and the one-pieces which can be wore for various purposes.  Plenty of designs which easily can be made for beginners are introduced. Real size patterns of 7-13 sizes are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110438/
  10949-4   Skirts with beautiful silhouette   designed by Yoshiko Tsukiori Skirts in beatiful silhouette are introduced in abundant variations. The basic instructions such as sewing fastener are illustrated with detailed process photos. Real size patterns of 7-13 sizes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109494/
  11059-9   Apron and kitchen goods for mams & kids   designed by Yoshiko Tsukiori 22 items of camisoles which can be wore on bare skin, T-shirts and sweater, and which   can be used in every season, and the one-pieces which can be wore for various purposes.  Plenty of designs which easily can be made for beginners are introduced. Real size patterns of 7-13 sizes are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110599/
  10991-3   Pants to wear every day   designed by Yoshiko Tsukiori Plenty of designs for trousers which you can wear casually and easily move both at home and in going out are introduced, such as the comfortable trousers with elasticized waistband to tight-fitting ones with a beautiful silhouette. Real size patterns of 7-13 sizes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109913/
  11053-7   Natural material is comfortable vol.1 home made wear made of linen, cotton  Yoshiko Tsukiori The clothes which are not weary to wear on every day, rather increasing affection toward them day by day, are introduced, selecting all from natural fabrics - linen and cotton. The instructions on 22 items of  shirts, skirts and pants, kitchen goods are i   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110537/
  11065-0   Natural material is comfortable vol.2 small goods made of leather, wool and yarn Chinatsu Oyama Unique and precious handmade works specially made of natural materials to feel soft and comfortable, are introduced. Instructions of 30 items such as porches and bags of leather, brooch of wool and lamp shade of yarn are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110650/
  11097-1   Natural material is comfortable vol.3 comfortable daily wear made of washable silk  Yoshiko Tsukiori Silk, which might be thought as difficult to handle, could be made into daily clothes to wear casually, with a little careful treatment. Instructions of blouses, pants and unlined coats, mostly of natural Indian silk are introduced. Real size patterns of 7-13 sizes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110971/
  11098-8   Natural material is comfortable vol.4 baskets made of only wrapping raffia and bags of weaving ribbons  Takaneco A variety of baskets of smooth-textured raphia which can be easily made by simple winding, from small ones which is convenient for storage, to big ones are introduced, together with bags made of weaving roughly cotton tapes.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110988/
  11242-5   happy handmade vol.1  most charming wardrope    Bunka Publishing Bureau, designed by Yoshiko Tsukiori This book includes the sewing instructions of stylish must-have clothes such as the one-piece, tunic and camsole which was designed by popular sewing designer, Yoshiko Tsukiori. To our joy, the instruction is so easy to understand that you can wear soon after completion.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112425/
  11243-2   happy handmade vol.2 everyday clothes for Kids   Bunka Publishing Bureau, designed by Ruriko Yamada This book presents the style for kids wears from 3 years to 6 years. Simple and lovely designs in such as girl's one-pieces and blouses or boy's shirts and pants have been illustrated even for beginners to easily make. Real size patterns in 100-130cm in height have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112432/
  11247-0   Sewing tunic and blouse by patterns of one-piece   Bunka Publishing Bureau, designed by Noriko Sasahara On the basis of six pattens for one-pieces, 20 designs by variation in different fabric and length have been introduced. Most are in feminine designed so that sewing begginers can easily accomplish. Real size patterns of 7 - 13 (Japanese size) have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112470/
  11248-7   happy handmade vol.4  Everyday's Fabric bags    Bunka Publishing Bureau, designed by Ekiko Aoki & Kiyoka Akamine Fabric bags can be be used extensively in our daily various scenes. This book includes the designs which have a full of ideas in patterns and instructions. If you are sewing beginner, let's start with making bags. Real size patterns of all designs are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112487/
  11084-1   Wearing tenderness of natural material   Atelier Manisu The clothes which suits the spirit of age, and which are made of handmade fabrics of natural materials have been introduced. The long-cherished clothes until the life of fabrics are to complete, made at Bali as a base. Real size patterns of M and L, elaborate instructions are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110841/
  11120-6   remake for only one part hints for dressing smartly, proposed by stylist ? The method of how to enjoy being stylish which professinal stylist proposes are introduced. The clothes in the back of your closet, which the feelings in fashion are added to, will be revitalized. The remake technique of "cute for adults" , arranged by trendy "sweet mood" from an adult's point of view.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111206/
  11183-1   Making a picture and color of cloth books for clothes by nani IRO clothes for adults and kids Naomi Ito Textile brand "nani IRO" which the auther, as well as water-color painter produced. This textile is used as the clothes for adults, kids and small goods, which are simple but have a sense of fun. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111831/
  10970-8   Koharu's wear   Masako Ito Stylist Masako is eager to have Koharu, her daugher, to wear her handmade dresses, despite her busy every day life. Her ingenuity of selecting the fabrics and of attracting attention to the clothes will enable you to make such lovely girl's wears as in the book.  Real size patterns of 90-130 sizes are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109708/
  11204-3   Free to cordinate simple wears -A to Z   Kyoko Inada The auther, who is also a stylist, writes this book to embody her strong feeling to adult's clothes of ageless designs, silhouette with no care for sizes and wash-out textile.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112043/
Real size patterns are included.
  11091-9   books for a little girl's dresses   Ako Inoue This is a collection of one-pieces for girls from who start to walk to who are preschool-aged. (90cm, 100cm, 110cm in height) A various combination of supplement patterns such as corsage, skirts, sleeves, collars are seen in the book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110919/
  11182-4   books for a little girl's and mam's dresses   Ako Inoue  The relaxing loving girl's wears in which creator's soul is expressed into simple designs are introduced. This book will meet the demand to make the same clothes as the daugher's. Real size patterns have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111824/
  11013-1   sewing with dots and lines simple and cute handcrafted with dots and lines Yukiko Inoue How about adding your original expression to goods on everyday life, by sewing small dots and lines with any materials like bottons and strings. A sense of fun can be found in the simple shape to sewn in a straight line.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110131/
  10971-5   Skirts made of Japanese textile heart leaping for joy and texitile waving gently  Yoko Imamura Skirts of kimono fabrics, which are outstanding in ideas are introduced. They will look airy in some time, and look elegant in another. Skirts of old kimono fabrics, as models from teens to eighties, are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109715/
  11072-8   Nursing care wears friendly to everyone   Kimiyo Iwanami This book is for the disadvantaged persons who desire some ingenuity in their wears, and introduces nursing care wears mostly by remake of pret-a-porter.  Boxed drawing of clothesand goods, the real size patterns of suits, pajamas and nightgowns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110728/
  11136-7   Chrishing the feature of girl's wear    ? Stylish mothers complain, "There is no clothes to have her children to wear." Simple and informal finishing by simple patterns, by fabrics of which texture is being kept and by repetition of cutting and no dealing with a seam are introduced. Real size patterns of 100cm - 130cm are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111367/
  11146-6   Clothes for adults to look simple and more beautiful, and easy-to-wear Hiromi Otani For ladies to look beautiful, balancing in a simple way is important. Designs to look in a good balance and to be comfortable and the techniques of dressmaking are introduced. 2 sheets real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111466/
  11121-3   Neat clothes to fit kids body perfectly Kids' wear in NY - from 3 years-old to 8 years-old kids Yuji Ogata This book covers instruction on 26 of all season items, for whom are grown up from "Neat clothes to fit a little kids body perfectly" , such as shirt, pants, skirts, one-pieces, tailored jackets. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111213/
  10996-8   Neat clothes to fit a little kids body perfectly Kids' wear in NY - from 6 months babies to 3 years-old kids Yuji Ogata This book covers instruction of 26 items, for whom are little pert and cute, such as shirt, pants, skirts, one-pieces, tailored jackets which is elaborately made, without taking second best because of kid's wears. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109968/
  11177-0   handmade for babies   Chiharu Okuyama The first goods which the auther, the handmade craftman made for her baby,  are introduced. The designs by new mother, based on her experiences on raising her child, are creative with sewing even in very little time. Real size patterns are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111770/
  11198-5   Sweet dress recipe   Tatsuya Kaigai The instructions on making sweet materials such as floral prints, laces, ribbons into gentle clothes by elaborate handwork. Delicate but casual atmosphere can be codinated by only adult ladies coordinate with. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111985/
  11101-5   Stylish notes of  Yuri Kaneko   Yuri Kaneko Along with auther's original brand "with love", somewhere nostalgic and noble world in trend are introduced. Real size patterns of 11 designs in size of M and ML, such as classical suits and one-pieces are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111015/
  11184-8   Clothes for kids who became just able to walk  for both girls & boys Futami Kamiyama The instructions of 48 items such as shirts, pants, one-pieces, jackets are introduced. Depending on fabrics or coordines, they will become both for special days and for a daily use, and for both boys & girls. Real size patterns in the of 80cm, 90cm, 95cm, 100cm, are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111848/
  10803-9   A book of aprons  30 styles for enjoyable life Machiko Kayaki Recently apron is very stylish. It is used for a various purposes, not only for working on everyday but also for gardening,  pottery, confectionery making. The 30 designs, all of which can be made with real size patterns, are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108039/
  10961-6   Dress-up & dress-down simple chic Machiko Kayaki This book introduces the way of dressing up and down, by bringing a change of mood by the kind of clothes and accessaries to suit the simple dresses, adding some illustrations - 21 items of blouses and coats etc. in 3 sizes introduced, with real-sized patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109616/
  11000-1   Skirts a la carte   Machiko Kayaki The most popular handsewn item is skirts. Loose-fitting of waist is now in fashion. Kayaki's unique selection of fabric and dressing are introduced through this book. Detailed drawing on how to sew and real-sized patterns in 5 sizes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110001/
  11190-9   dress of favorite cloth   Machiko Kayaki Items that should be added to coordinates like one-piece, skirt and blouse, which was made of auther's favorite fablic such as floral printed silk and gingham of high qualitied Irish linen.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111909/
  11052-0   Sewing talk   Machiko Kayaki The style of Machiko Kayaki is popular among the sewing fans. Introducing Simple and refined taste in clothes of natural material, such as double gauze, together with advice talk. Real-size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110520/
  11093-3   Sewing lessons    Machiko Kayaki This book will provide you with advice on fabrics, strings, stitiching, cutting cloth on the bias, in a sense, as a supporter of sewing by themselves. Real-sized patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110933/
  10780-3   Home couture for girls   Machiko Kayaki 20 items which cover a wide range from daily wears like skirts with suspenders, shirts and jackets, to stylish dresses like one-pieces with a white collar and dress of organdie. Real-size patterns in 3 sizes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107803/
  11244-9   My favorite shirt   Machiko Kayaki Shirt is most favorite fashion item for the auther. This book introduces how to sew the basic items such as the standard designs, cleric shirt and pullover, to the item applied from like tunic, one-piece, coat. Real size patterns have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112449/
  11143-5   pindot polkadot coindot etc. collection of polka dots Machiko Kayaki "Kayaki Style" is attractive in clean and casual appearance and bringing a nostalgic atmosphere. "polka dots" as a main theme, the accessaries and collection of antique polka dots are instruduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111435/
  11123-7   lovely formal clothes for boys & girls for from entrance exam to ceremonial purposes   Kimiko Kawai 18 kinds of coordinates (with 25 items) of kid's wears and small goods for kindergarten or elementary school, or to attend entrance celemony and the neat school clothes are introduced. 2 sheets of real size patterns in 4 sizes (100, 110, 120, 130cm) are a   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111237/
  10990-6   Girls' special dress for recital    Kimiko Kawai What is important to make the dress for recital is to feel comfortable to wear while playing. Let's sew a basic style of dresses wholeheartedly, with a abundant use of high-quality fabrics and ribbons. Real size patterns of 100, 110, 120, 130cm are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109906/
  11172-5   Pattern sewing for everyone   Kimiko Kawai This book is for introducing the method to fit your body more exactly with the real size patterns in supplement. 22 works such as one-pieces are illustrated, by being tried on by various body types. Real size patterns of from SS to 3L are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111725/
  11107-7   Stylish shirts   Hareru Kiyuna The sewing instruction for the shirts which everyone looks smart are introduced with a carefully investigated fabrics and details. 3 sizes of drawing and instructions (S, M, L) are included. S is suitable for M for women, also for somewhat small men, and M and L is size for men.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111077/
  11073-5   clothes and goods made of only cutting    Hareru Kiyuna The clothes and fabric goods just by cutting out which have casual air of stylishness are introduced. Girl's skirts and pants in around 110cm, the bags, appliques and curtains which both adults and kids can enjoy are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110735/
  11009-4   Muki Kurai's dresses on special days   Muki Kurai The clothes and fabric goods just by cutting out which have casual air of stylishness are introduced. Girl's skirts and pants in around 110cm, the bags, appliques and curtains which both adults and kids can enjoy are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110094/
  10904-3   Muki Kurai's Men's Jackets catalogue   Muki Kurai In home sewing of men's jackets, standard designs which is easy to wear and unwearying is desirable. 15 items are introduced, with a arrangement of different fabrics, plackets and pockets. 5 sizes of real size patterns are introduced.(from S to XL)   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109043/
  10814-5   Muki Kurai's shirts catalogue for men   Muki Kurai 21 works are introduced according to the 2 basic types, a slim shape and a box shape. These are available for school kids to old aged people, depending on fabrics. Basic  sewing instructions are elaborately illustrated with photos. 4 real size patterns (from S to XL) are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108145/
  10952-4   Muki Kurai's men's pants catalogue   Muki Kurai If you know how to deal with plackets and pockets, only you need to do is sewing in a straight way to make pants. 17 works are introduced, according to the basic 2 items, jeans and pants with dart seam, processes of which are illustrated in photos. Real size patterns in 5 sizes (from S to XL) are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109524/
  10667-7   Baby clothes for every day handmade gift for happy babies  Muki Kurai The auther who has established reputation in sewing kid's wear introduces the sewing instructions, taking advantage of the experiences through raising her 2 children. There are plenty of useful ingenious attempt are seen throughout the book such as dresses to visit to the shrine,  easily-handled baby bibs, etc.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106677/
  10793-3   Kid's wears to be a help of independence learned by Montessori class Muki Kurai For kids, the clothes to wear by him/herself is highly important, in terms of satisfying the spiritual desire and of helping his/her independence. The clothes to put on and take off easily, in accordance with the growth of the kids from 3 years-old to 6 year-old are introduced. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107933/
  10685-1   kid's wears on happy special day   Sanae Kono Parents are more or less at a loss what to have their kids to wear on wedding celemony or in a recital. Some advices in such a case are introduced in this book. Real size patterns of easily-made clothes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106851/
  10915-9   Clothes to look slim  Sanae Kono's stylish daily wear Sanae Kono For whom starts to feel uneasy for the thicker waist and arms, one-pieces and skirts which are creatively designed to look slim are introduced, with illustratation how to coordinate. Real size patterns and instructions are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109159/
  11099-5   Work of vintage fabric   Hisako Konbu This is the 3rd book by the auther who is popular with modern designs in use of  kimono, proposing to remake vitantage cross of cotton and linen, indigo cotton and fabrics for interior which have been used in your daily life into daily clothes and bags. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110995/
  10993-7   Blouses and jackets made of kimono Let's make your favorite  Hisako Konbu This book propose making by hand stylish blouses and jackets, taking advantage of colored designs and tastes of fabric in old kimonos. The instructions of vests, coats and bags by weaving scrap fabrics are introduced. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109937/
  10928-9   Let's sew clothes of kimono fabric cutting and sewing as you like  Hisako Konbu This book proposes to remake old kimono and obi into the modern and stylish blouses, skirts, pants, one-pieces, jackets. As one of other examples, the tote bags made of patchwork with scrap fabrics are introduced. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109289/
  11229-6   Modern couture in KIMONO   Hisako Konbu The clothes of Kimono fabric which has been selected by the auther, who was born and brought up in Kyoto, have been designed so that you would like to put anytime soon. Plenty of ingenuities to easy to make and to look beautiful are included everywhere in this book in remake of chic and modern floral vesture. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112296/
  11195-4   Girls' wears on holiday   Noriko Sakagami What is likely to exist but unlikely to be found is the girl's wears for from 130cm to 150cm in height. In order not to ignore the this age when is the starting point to be stylish, the instructions of one-pieces, camisoles and skirts etc. are introduced, including real size patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111954/
  10811-4   Sewing knit -Stylish wears for easy-sewing  sewing more rapidly and more finely with lockstitch machine Kimie Sato The clothes of knit fabric which will fit your body and are easy to wear even without dart are introduced. These will be apparently difficult, however if you make full use of lockstitch machine and sew in a straight way, these will become easier to accomplish. Real size patterns are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108114/
  10927-2   Basic notes on sewing aprons trying to sew aprons at least Shikanoroom Apron is now in fashion and have been a focus of attention as a home wear.  43 kinds aprons which varies from a standard type to a garcon-styled, are introduced, according to the instructions, the points and advices on how to make. Even sewing beginners are easy-to-follow due to a flat pattern drawing.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109272/
  11079-7   Basic notes on sewing kids' wear handmade for daily wear Shikanoroom 42 of kid's wears such as skirts, jumpers, pants, one-pieces, remade kid's wears are introduced by illustrations. Size range is from 90cm to 120 cm in height. This is appropriate for complete edition in that basic patterns and the instructions which covers all the items are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110797/
  10703-2   Basic notes on sewing for whom are eagarly to know sewing Shikanoroom This book is for whom feels anxious about sewing by him/herself. Basic dressmaking and sewing methods are illustrated by the parts such as collar, sleeve and placket.  One-pieces, skirts, pants etc. will be made according to the instructions.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107032/
  11189-3   A book of men's aprons   Ryuichiro Shimazaki A book of aprons for a man who has persistence on his style. 16 designs of a variations of different fabrics and tote bags are introduced. Auther gives some episodes of aprons in this book.Enclosed drawings in 4 sizes (one-size-fits-all, S, M, L) are incl   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111893/
  11220-3   A book of men's coats   Ryuichiro Shimazaki A book to sew authentic men's coats. The basic designs as in trench coat, pea coat, duffle coat, stand fall collar, with 13 variation of different fabrics are introduced. Real size patterns of S, M, L and XL in size are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112203/
  11110-7   A book of men's shirts   Ryuichiro Shimazaki 30 items of basic designs for men's skirts of different fabrics, along with episode connected shirts are introduced. This book is also useful for from beginners to whom aspires to becoming men's designer.  Including enclosed drawings in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111107/
  11199-2   Standard kid's wears   Yuji & Toku Shimura The kid's wears made from the fabric that will increase good texture. Simple but universal designs fits both for boys and girls. Real size patterns of 100cm, 110cm and 120cm, 130cm according to designs have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111992/
  10964-7   Skirt with kimono   Mieko Suzuki If you meet a fascinating kimono fabric at the antique market or old clothes shop, it is better to remake it into the skirts to be easily made and coordinated.This book include full of free and fresh original ideas, combining European fabrics, patching several kimono fabrics, etc. The instruction on bags and stoles are also introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109647/
  11179-4   Every day in aprons my style my Apron Tei Takao A lot of aprons do not bother womens. The ones which have refined tastes in the coordinates of various fabrics and stitching and kitchen goods like kettleholders and pot covers are introduced.All stylish but easy-to-make designs are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111794/
  11196-1   Kimono dress dress made of kimono Ryoko Taki This book introduces the way of remake of old kimono fabrics into elagant dresses. Pattern book collections for dresses of which silhouette fits the body, such as long-sleeved kimono for wedding dress, ceremonial kimono for a party. Real size patterns are also included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111961/
  11203-6   Let's do sewing on weekend easy sewing for beginners Hanna Tanaka Pleasant needlework is to start sewing on weekend and to finish it, to wear it on next Monday.・・・The works, deprived from the definition above, a bit awkward finish but sweetly look and suited for practical use   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112036/
  10813-8   Loving baby wears from swaddling clothes to toddler Yoshiko Tsukiori The sewing instruction of essential clothes and goods for a newborn baby, which cover a range from the dress to go to a shrine after birth to coats for a toddler who just starts to make unsteady steps, are introduced. Everything in childbirth preparation can be made with this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108138/
  10698-1   Girls' formal dresses  frilled and fluffy dresses Yoshiko Tsukiori This book includes many kind of dresses which a mother wants her daugher to dress up, such as on Shichigosan Festival, on a recital, on a wedding ceremony as flower girl, on the entrance ceremony. Detailed photos processes and real size pattern in 5 sizes, from 95cm to 130cm are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106981/
  10912-8   Elegant china    Yoshiko Tsukiori The instructions on one-pieces mainly, and Ao dai, blouses are introduced. It is worth seeing unexpected use of fabrics of floral-printed, embroidary and tartan-checked.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109128/
Real-size patterns of 9-13 in Japanese size are also included.
  11185-5   Adults'  couture - free-to-coordinate one pieces and tunic blouses   Yoshiko Tsukiori One-pieces and tunic blouses which every women can wear regardless of age are introduced. These are designed to enjoy coordinate variously in all seasons, like such as layering and wearing on the top.  Real-size patterns of 7-13 in Japanese size are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111855/
  11226-5   Adults'  couture - free-to-coordinate one pieces + α   Yoshiko Tsukiori The designs for all seasons such as in blouses and vests that you can wear and enjoy free coordinate in various ways as one-pieces, coats and layering some items. Real-size patterns of 7-13 in Japanese size are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112265/
  11153-4   Adults'  couture - Skirts   Yoshiko Tsukiori 27 selections of ballon skirts and mini-skirts in fashion, standard pleated skirts and gathered skirts which are comfortable to wear and in a beautiful silhouette are introduced. Real-size patterns of 7-13 in Japanese size are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111534/
  11149-7   Adults'  couture - one pieces + smock blouses   Yoshiko Tsukiori This book collects style of clothes which is simple but in a fashionable silhouette, and look beautiful. One-pieces, blouses and tunic blouses, mostly of spring-summer season are intruduced. Real-size patterns of 7-13 in Japanese size are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111497/
  10871-8   Clothes of chinese style collars   Yoshiko Tsukiori Chinese style collars, whatever fabrics it might be used, would add the popular ethnic taste instantly on Spring-Summer items such as brouses, one-pieces, two-pieces etc. Real size patterns of 9-13 in Japanese size are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108718/
  11180-0   Mastery of basic sewing Yoshiko Tsukiori's sewing recipe Yoshiko Tsukiori This is the valuable book through which you can master the basis of dressmaking, with instructions on camsoles, one-pieces, brouses, skirts. Detailed processes are described in photos and sewing individual parts are in illustrations. Real size patterns of 7-15 in Japanese size are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111800/
  10997-5   Wedding ceremony in a handmade dress   Yoshiko Tsukiori 19 wedding dresses and 5 colorful dressses to be changed during the wedding reception, which are simply and gracefully designed to heighten a bride's brilliance are introduced. Veil and bags can also be handmade, according to instruction. Real size patterns of 7-13 in Japanese sizes are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109975/
  11202-9   Lovely maternity dress   Yoshiko Tsukiori For whom would like to be in fashion even if the day of becoming mother approaches, the clothes that she can enjoy herself not only during pregnancy, but also after childbirth are introduced. Popular one-pieces and camsoles, being rather loose about the fit, are recommended for married women, too.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112029/
  10953-1   restrospect stylish wears   Yoshiko Tsukiori Feminine dresses prevalent in the fifties which has slender waist in design, the silhouette shaped like boxes in the seventies are now fresh in fashion. The instructions of 21 nostalgic but new items as in one-pieces and suits arranged into modern tastes are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109531/
  11100-8   handmade baby wears   Yoshiko Tsukiori + H.H. Instructions on 43 baby wears such as formal dresses to go to shrine after birth, one-pieces, playsuits like smocks and pants are introduced. Lots of clothes which both boys and girls can put on are also introduced. Real size patterns in 60-70cm and 75-90cm are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111008/
  11181-7   girls' stylebook   Yoshiko Tsukiori + H.H. This book is full of simple but girl's favorite clothes- from daily clothes such as smock blouses, skirts, one-pieces, to special clothes to be used also in entrance celemony. Real size patterns of 100-140cm are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111817/
  11054-4   handmade girls' wears   Yoshiko Tsukiori + H.H. In the period when girls are cutest, most of mothers would desire to have her to wear handmade dresses. 33 items such as one-pieces, blouses and pants which are simple in designs, high-quality in material and easy-to-sew are included.  Real size patterns of 100-140cm in Japanese size are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110544/
  11132-9   girly style wardrobe   Yoshiko Tsukiori + H.H. This book includes plenty of camsoles, blouses, skirts, one-pieces, with a bit more sweet ingenuity. Proposition to coordinate of them not only on spring and summer, but also on fall and winter are introduced with photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111329/
  11235-7 Every day wears of little girls  -  Every day wears of little girls  -    Yoshiko Tsukiori + H.H. 21 kinds of little girls clothes for 100  to 140 cm in height have been introduced, from blouses and pants suitable for play to one piece and bags suitable for her Sunday's best. 4 items in partially matching clothes by grandma have been introduced with real size patterns of 7 - 13 Japanese sizes.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112357/
  11224-1   Sewing Lesson Note ABC   Naoko Domeki This book is introductory sewing book for whom would like to start sewing fundamentally. From the rules you need to acquire before start to basic sewing instrucutions are well-illustrated, to enjoy yourself continuously with sewing clothes.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112241/
  10830-5   Goods for babies  eagar to make, to use and to give as a gift Naomi Tozaki Instructions of goods which is necessary for a baby's everyday life with the full of bear designs are introduced. 60 items like clasping or stuffed toys and easy-to-make baby wears are introduced. All of real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108305/
  10942-5   Favorite goods for kindergarten & elementary school everybody loves - bears and rabbits, etc Naomi Tozaki About 70 bags and small goods in total, which are full of animal motifs, and which will help the child to have a pleasant time at kindergarten or elementary school, are introduced. You will be able to easily make favorite lovely goods like bears, rabbits, dogs, cats etc., following the instructions. Real size drawings and patterns are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109425/
  11200-5   Elementary school girls' skirts, culottes, pants, vest small goods in addition to daily wears Mie Nagai This is a reprinted book whch are picked out from the series of "Mom, please make  handcrafted goods for me", encouraging mothers to do handmaking. The items varies from skirts and culottes, to pants. Enclosed drawings for 120cm to 150cm in size and real size patterns, though not for all, are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112005/
  11124-4   Ballet life Stylish wears & goods Kazuko Hayashi It has been an undergroud boom for adults to have a ballet lesson. These wears and small goods in a fine silhouette, with chic coloring selected no different from the fashion sense on everyday life are introduced, with instructions. Several wears for kids are also introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111244/
  11205-0   Basic sewing for kid's wear   Kotomi Hayashi Based on "Sewing dictionary by cartoons" published in 1997, this new edition has been completely changed into more easier-to-follow, with the details including photos on how to drawing patterns, materials and sewing individual parts have been described. Real size patterns of 90cm -140cm are included in this title.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112050/
  11144-2   Wears free to coordinate transforming flat surface into three dimension Natsuno Hiraiwa In auther's clothes, to find the unpredictable difference between seeing on a flat surface and on becoming three-dimensional after putting on is amusing, and ingenious attempts to coordinate so as to match the wearer's feeling are seen. Instruction of 20 top items like blouses, vests, stoles are primarily introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111442/
  11236-4   Wears in ways you like   Natsuno Hiraiwa This book is the second edition followed by 'Wears free to coordinate". Free and flexible items that can be changed depending on the moods of who wears and where she wears.  Real size patterns such as combination of skirts and pants, and vest and skirts, have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112364/
  11245-6   Is this made from Yukata fabric?   miki Hirosawa Westurn taste has been added to Yukata fabric. New attraction of Japanese fabric that will express modern aspects, have been introduced with from simple designed blouse to elegant design ensemble. Real size patterns are included in 3 sizes -S, M, L.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112456/
  10872-5   wearing attractive kimono fabric   Yoshiko Fukagawa Works of kimono fabrics such as pongee, splashed-pattern, silk, or of dress fabrics with kimono fabrics are all stylish and distinct in designs. 24 items from blouses to coats which still have characteristic features of kimono are introduced with the patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108725/
  10896-1   assembly sewing kids' wear of square fabric   Atsuko Fujii The items introduced in this book can be instantly made, with folding and sewing square fabrics, without any patterns. You only need to cut in a box-shape at first. This book intends to be more simplified compared to 4 "Origami Sewing" which have already issued. Target will be intended to from 100cm to 130cm in height.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108961/
  11135-0   Fashion from Cinema  model as fashion in cinema Bunka Publishing Bureau Recently the news of fashion which will remind us of actress from previous years is released, again the relation of cinema and mode is paid recent attention.  The dresses which heroine wears on screen are arraged by stylist Tomoko Matsuo, who is love for cinema, and introduced with real size patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111350/
  11139-8   First-handmade skirt   Bunka Publishing Bureau This is the book for sewing beginners. Basic question and discovery that Ms. Yurie has in the process of challenge sewing skirts for the first time are introduced with illustrations. With the elaborate commentary by Ms. Kuniko, basic skirts will be instantly completed. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111398/
  10655-4   Everyday girl's  wears size:100-150cm Bunka Publishing Bureau For girls, the handmade wears by her mother would be pleasant more than anything else. 22 of summer wears which even beginner can make easily, are introduced, including patterns in 6 sizes from 100cm to 150cm.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106554/
  10684-4   girl's everyday wears 2  sundress and jumper size:100-150cm Bunka Publishing Bureau Sundress is the lovely item that can be easily sewn. Coordinating it with blouses and T shirts can be also put on as jumper skirts. You can sew both by one pattern. Tne sewing instructions are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106844/
  11151-0   making of SOULEIADO   Bunka Publishing Bureau SOULEIADO, which is also called provence-printed. 33 items such as casual but chic camsoles for adults in use of this fabrics, kids wears, bags, household goods are introduced, Real size patterns and sewing instructions are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111510/
  11176-3   Basic Sewing on skirts   Bunka Publishing Bureau This is the a copy of reprinted edition of the issued in 1992. 16 items of 3 kinds of -gathered skirts, tight skirts, flare skirts are introduced, which gives an opportunity to learn the basis of dressmaking by elaborate sewing instructions.  Real size patterns in 4 sizes are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111763/
  11060-5   colored croth of homespun   homespun This is the second sewing book for flourishing homespun as fashion brand. About 30 items are introduced from clothes to small goods of colored cross to be easily-available on the subject of colors. Real size patterns of clothes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110605/
  10994-4   cotton life of homespun   homespun Work of homespun can hanged up at anytime, at anywhere at home, which is worn casually and persistently even if washed-out. This book is a sort of visual sewing book which collects popular items of fashion brand "homespun" ,    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109944/
  11105-3   Sweet style for adults   Chie Hoshi The instructions of blouses and one-pieces which is full of gentle designs and loved continuously by every girls, such as lace, frilled, puff sleeves・・・, are introduced for adults' women. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111053/
  11234-0   Usual myself and natural wear   Mayumi Maeda New book of Mayumi Maeda, who will has an sophisticated sense in simple designs. This book introduces how to sew one-piece, tunic and camsole and skirts and coats from natural materials of linen, cotton and wools, which will be kind to skin. Real size patterns have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112340/
  11147-3   Basic girls' wear   Mayumi Maeda This book introduces a lovely details of kids' wears which is peculiar to the auther's design.One-pieces , brouses, shirts, pants, skirts, bags are introduced as examples. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111473/
  11055-1   white and natural sewing   Mayumi Maeda This book introduces the easy sewing of simple and lovely designs. Linen in white and natural colored are featured and clothes and small goods of material kind to the skin are also introduced. 2 sheets of real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110551/
  11040-7   For your little one, baby goods making   Keiko Meo This book introduces instant made goods and easy-to-sewing clothes for a new born baby. Lovely embroidery, buttons and ribbons will be added to simple designed works. The full affection toward to children by the auther who is fond of them, are seen everywhere in this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110407/
  11007-0   colors of India   Michiyo Masago The fabrics used in this book is handworked by Indian professionals one by one. 12 items in total are introduced such as saree, one-pieces in a sheet and skirts of block print, blouse of tussar silk are included. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110070/
  11194-7   innocent and lovely girls' wears   Akiko Mano Simple wears that will educe child's cute smiles are introduced. The wears for girls to appear lovely with persistence on details and silhouette are introduced. Real size patterns in sizes of 100-130cm are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111947/
  11145-9   Cut & home sewing knit fabric which fits closely the body Yoshiko Mizuno Cut and sewn that fits the bodies and are easy to wear. The techniques to sew quickly and clearly are illustrated according to Mizuno's own method.  Real size patterns such as basic T-shirts, camsoles, raglan T-shirts, in 3 sizes (S, M, L) are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111459/
  11225-8   Fundamentals of basic sewing with neat stitches   Yoshiko Mizuno The basis of techinique to sew with neat stitches and how to use an iron have been introduced. The photos of neat stitches in actual size, as well as basic skill necessary for sewing at home have been introduced carefully with process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112258/
  11006-3   Introductory skirt custom made skirt    Yoshiko Mizuno As a basis of skirts, 17 kinds of skirts from straight skirts to bouffant skirts are introduced, together with rational sewing instructions of them with process photos. Basic patterns of 5 sizes are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110063/
  11096-4   If there is a pattern of blouses, skirts, pants just in my size ・・・   Yoshiko Mizuno "My pattern" that fits one's own body will make sewing easier even if the designs develop in an infinite way.This book will introduce 28 designs as the handling some patterns. Real size patterns of supplement in 6 sizes (5 to 15 in Japanese size) are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110964/
  10424-6   Wears of kimono fabric   Tomi Miyazaki 16 items of kimono fabrics like one-pieces, two-piece dresses, blouses, pants, are introduced according to the easy instructions and real size patterns. The way of reviving old kimono in the back of the drawer into the wears in fashion is proposed.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579104246/
  11058-2   Simple Style   Reiko Mori If you would like to appear your body nice, it is important what you select as the designs, fabrics and patterns. The instructions of blouses, skirts, and coats, which are made of simple therefore fine materials are introduced, with patterns of M and L in Japanese sizes.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110582/
  11087-2   pants to look slim  persistence to 6 patterns of pants silhouette Hitomi Morioka Only with patterns, pant is easy to sew. Pants silhouette which is now fresh such as standard, wide, cropped, straight, slim are introduced. All of real size patterns and elaborate instructions are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/searchresult.do?isbn_code=11087
  11228-9   Cool couture remake   Koko Yamase Stylish items will be reborn from the shirts, trainers, neckties and mufflers that your boyfriend or your father wore. Only sewing in a simple way by cutting boldly will produce stylish blouses and skirts.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112289/
  11025-4   lovely couture remake   Koko Yamase If you are not confident in sewiing but love dressing up, you can produce the unique wear in the world. This is a remake collection of your favorite scarfs, handkerchieves, sweaters, T-shirts, and at the same time, the wonderful introductory book of needle works.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110254/
  11035-3   my dress on special day    Mieko Yamamoto This is the design collection book for whom are worring about the clothes for casual party or the friend's wedding party. Airy dresses for all seasons are introduced with patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110353/
  11085-8   Travaux et Mode   Yuko Yamamoto The auther, who is an illustrator, produces the brand for this book, in which skirts and small goods of handwork such as embroidery and applique are introduced. Works of drawing and paper cutout in addition to design are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110858/
  10972-2   Apron delivered from Paris   Hiroko This is a collection book of aprons which made by crafter who lives in Paris, and devote a great deal of time and care wholeheartedly to make piece by piece. Elaborate handwork seen in embroidery and use of ribbons, wisdom of cherishing fabrics brings the loving and nostalgic grace to the aprons introduced in this boook.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109722/
  11237-1   Ryo's 2nd Drawer   Ryo Japanese Actress Ryo, who has a reputation for excellent fashion sense proposes the stylish wears for this second edition. Various clothes which you can enjoy yourself change of dressing have been introduced, from easy-to-make bustier and skirts to dresses to strive for sewing by yourself.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112371/
  11252-4 Knit Sewing wardrope Knit Sewing wardrope   Kimie Sato All season's wardrope which become more various, from T-shirts to coats, with the auther's rational and unique technique of sewing knitting material by lockstitch machine, have been introduced. Real size patterns of S, M and L, and detailed instruction have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112524/
  11254-8 Masako Ito's needlework Masako Ito's needlework   Masako Ito The clothes made from bed linen of dead stock, handkerchives of Shantou or Marimekko, well-selected fabric such as mina, will be all long-cherished items that are full of auther's ideas. Real size patterns for both adults and kids are  included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112548/
  11253-1 drape・drape drape・drape   Hisako Sato The expression "drape" seems a bit feminine, but it is easy to sew only with patterns than you might imagine. 17 items have been introduced with real size patterns like puzzles.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112531/
  11255-5 Daily Wear Daily Wear   Quoui ? Quoui? The casual clothes which looks stylish and worthwhile coordinating, and is orthdox but a bit different, have been introduced in this book. In order to enjoy free dressing, they have flexibility designed to be both as a one-piece and as a coat, or both as    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112555/
  11282-1 Fundamentals of patterns to cutting  Fundamentals of patterns to cutting    Yoshiko Mizuno Making clothes will be determined largely by measurement, cutting and sewing. Cloth will be cut and sewn based on the patterns for whom wears. This book includes detailed descriptions with process photos of cutting on supplement real size patterns and  size adjustment of patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112821/
  11281-4 To enjoy sewing machine  To enjoy sewing machine    Kimiko Kawai Can I really make such an elaborate works? Can I sew so easily and so neatly?  -From children to adults who do not even touch the sewing machine can have a good time to enjoy the various works introduced in this book, focusing on description of functional sewing machine. Illustration drawing of embroidery by sewing machine is also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112814/
  11285-2   Adults'  couture - every day's dresses, blouses, pants, etc.・・・   Yoshiko Tsukiori Adult's clothes for people of all ages, such as a bit sweet taste dresses that girls wear, tunics, stylish design dresses, jackets, pants, are introduced in this book. Real size patterns in 4 sizes (7, 9, 11, 13 )are included.     
  11276-0   Les couleurs francaises -Bags and goods-   Kumiko Nakayama Geraerts The bags and goods of French traditional print which the auther redesigns in a more contemporary style are introduced in this book. The 22 items in total varies from the bags that you would like to use in your everyday life to the convenient goods such as hats, sewing cases, file cases.    
  11277-7   Handmade for children, little boys & girls   Chiharu Okuyama The daily wears and small goods for little children who have just started walking are designed to sew according to their growth. The 50 tender  items based on actual feeling of raising children are adopted. Real size patterns of 90, 95, 100, 105cm in height and drawings are included.    
  11279-1   Les couleurs francaises -Mams & kids' wears-   Yoshiko Tsukiori The matching wears for mams and kids of French traditional print which the auther redesigns in a more contemporary style are introduced in this book. The designs vary from one-pieces, tunics, shirts, blouses, pants, which you can enjoy yourselves  the same clothes with your daughters, or your sons.    
  11274-6   Favorite items of favorite fabrics   Yumi Ishikawa 30 items of bags you want now and kitchen sundries of favorite fabrics such as linen, canvas, flano, tartan-checked have been introduced with instructions. Simple and cute designs for beginners are its feasure.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112746/
Knitting 11213-5   Knitting for home, Knitting for outside   Eriko Aoki Let's knit mufflers or hats with a cashmere mixed yarn before winter, and linen yarn before summer. Simple and practical 27 items that can be made by crochet and stich needle have been introduced for a comfortable days in all seasons both at home and outside.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112135/
11159-6   knitting for whom is awkward   Sakiko Arai The book gives the message for whom is poor at knitting by stick needle, cannot knit orderly and finely, from the auther who also worries about the same weakness. Pleasant works by just kitting with garter stitch in straight way and joining bright colored yarn are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111596/
11111-4   Knitting bag of free combination of colors and drawing   Hiroshi Ito The bags introduced in this book are made by sometimes weaving as if drawing the pictures with paint, in the choice of your favorite yarn. Freely weaving of knitting fabrics and shapes will make an unique luxury bag in the world. The lining cloth which will match the knitting bag are also introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111114/
11163-3   Daily knit, everyday knit Colorful & Stylish Hiroshi Ito Like pleasant pictures expressed by knitting, colorful bags, mufflers, gloves, hats are introduced. The designs are derived from the ideas of what kind of items you wish to have or use. The designs for kids are also introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111633/
11214-2   Knitting bag and small things   Hiroko Ibuki You can enjoy making the various kinds of bags and items with easy way of knitting. More than 20 items by connecting some motifs with rings, combination of yarn, tapes and ribbons, and knitting multi colored polka dot have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112142/
11131-2   10 rules of Shiho Kikuchi small knitting with a stick needle Shiho Kikuchi All you need to do is knitting in a straight way. Such a kind of basic technique of knitting by stick needle can give you a pleasant time of knitting goods, such as sachets, knitted drawstring bags, bags, mufflers. These are illustrated by simple 10 rules.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111312/
11022-3   Starting only with a crochet needle   Hareru Kiyuna This is how-to book to start casually crocheting by use of leftover yarn near-at-hand, to introduce the crocheted fabric goods. Easy-to-make bags, hats, and mufflers both for adults and children, which are made up of motifs of circles, squares and cubes, are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110223/
11134-3   Let's make use of leftover yarn by a crochet needle    Hareru Kiyuna Leftover yarn is like a little remaining paint in box of paints. Let's make motifs, colorful blankets, hunting etc. by the long-cherished yarn which has been put away. This book is full of various pleasure.     http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111343/
11167-1   Only crocheting  in a straight way   Hareru Kiyuna How comfortable you feel to make if you could crochet without making and increasing stitiches! Bags, stoles and jackets and kid's vests are introduced in the simple method of increaing only on the corner. Some pattern crochets are included, so that you will be bored with all of too simple items.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111671/
10976-0   Waiting for this kind of basic knitting book! from voice of knitting class Chie Kose Depending on the auther's experience of teaching on knitting class, the point of technique which most students usually ask are introduced to easily comprehend. 8 items are introduced, 3 basic vests and 5 practical applications of them.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109760/
11112-1   Techniques of stick needle knitting, for more improvement voice of knitting class Chie Kose The way of knitting from start to finish, pullover and cardigan as examples, are introduced with photos and illustrations step by step. Techniques to finish different in size by the same knitting fabric with 3 kinds of gauges of yarn.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111121/
11161-9   Crochet with Britush Taste only basic chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet are necessary to completion Chie Kose This book will give you a pleasure of British traditional patterns of crocheted, such as alan, argyle, fairisle, tartan-checked. 18 items such as shawls, stoles, lap robes, bags, hats are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111619/
11074-2   the first Irish crochet lace    Chie Kose Longed-for laces, which are originally derived from Ireland, are sensitively jointed with crochet motifs as models of natural flowers. Instruction of how to make glamorous third dimentional effects and complex nuance of doily laces, stoles and blouses are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110742/
10817-6   Basic tricks on crochet   Chie Kose This is the self-instructional book for beginners, in which the basic techniques and tricks, such as casting on, making and decreasing the stitiches and casting off and sewing up, are well-illustrated to see at a glance.  This book will greatly help you to crochet sweaters and motifs.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108176/
10730-8   Basic techniques on hand knitting   Chie Kose The way of casting on, making and decreasing stitiches and casting off, which is sort of the first basis of knitting, are introduced with pictures and photos to facilitate visual understanding. This is the introductory book including the convenient knitting techniques and skills.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107308/
11169-5   pleasant-to-make  baby's knit  knit wear on daily and special days for babies from birth to 2-years Naoko Shimoda This is the reprinted book of  "pleasant-to-make  baby's knit" issued in 1990. Not outdated designs still now owes to her sense. The lovely works that mothers would like to have her baby to wear, like sweaters, one-pieces are full in the book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111695/
11113-8   crochet is fascinating you will be inspired by kitting one motif, to continue kitting with joy. Naoko Shimoda Bags, mufflers and scarfs by jointing motifs of not fine threads and knitting yarns, and small accessaries by crocheting a little amount of yarns are introduced in this book. Many of  motifs can be completed only by crocheting 1 or 2 rows, in order to enjoy making process. 17 sheets of doily laces have nostalgic and fresh tastes.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111138/
11068-1   crochet is so interesting you cannot cease crocheting, round and round  Naoko Shimoda If you crochet the motifs of circles, squares and ellipses round and round, lovely goods such as pot stands, mufflers, room shoes, bags, blankets will be completed. The methods are also various like net stitch and jointing motifs.     http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110681/
11173-2   stick needle knitting is interesting, too. knitting stitch by stitch with 2 stick needles will comfort you. Naoko Shimoda This book will introduce you to the feeling that plain kitting fabric, which is a bit different from crocheting works, is fine and its soft texture is comfortable, and above all you can enjoy knitting and canot cease it. You can make bags, mufflers and hats・・・・.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111732/
11211-1   Happy Knitting   Kotomi Hayashi Various items for winter with creative knitted fabric and techniques have been introduced. Reversible mufflers in a bit different finish, knitted with mosaic patterns and laces, the variation of socks have been introduced with process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112111/
10925-8   Beads knitting   Hareru Kiyuna Beads knitting is the way of knitting beads with both use of stick needles and crochet needles. Wrist warmers which are popular as cold protection in Northen Europe are introduced for the most part, and bags and purses of beads are as well.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109258/
11118-3   Nordic Knitting  10 fabulous techniques  Kotomi Hayashi There are some techniques on traditional knitting which have been passed down in nordic countries. 10 techiques which are easy to utilize and will fit perfectly in knitting small goods, are introduced in this book. Naverstickning, Domino Strikke, Kosnas,    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111183/
11162-6   Nordic Knitting  7 Miraculous techniques Kotomi Hayashi & Kirja Kongsbak This is collaborated book by 2 authers who met through knitting across borders -North Europe and Japan. There are some miraculous techniques seen in this book. Motifs like jigzag, frilled, spiral, circleshort row are created with short row technique. Bags and ponchoes can be created with buttomholes technique.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111626/
11104-6   Hats only by double crochet and chain stitch    Akiko Hiroshige The hats for both men and women of wide ranging generations that will be made with double crochet and chain stitich, have been introduced. Pleasant hats with a change of yarn and coloration have been accomplished. The auther learned textile at Sweden, and lives in Singapore. This includes the instructions of midsummer hats.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111046/
11168-8   Convenient notes of hand knitting  useful from start to finish  Bunka Publishing Bureau This is the reprinted edition of the same popular title which was published in 1985. Starting with the basics of knitting by stick needle, this covers the helpful techniques to knit sweaters and cardigans from beginning to end, including the advice to increase the level of them.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111688/
11210-4   My Knit Album   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is for whom will wear knitted wear at any time of year. The popular Margaret will be an item for all season, only by changing summer yarn to warm yarn, even with the same way of knitting. The instructions of the vest, poncho and small items have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112104/
11215-9   1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month of Handknitting   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book introduces the items according to the spending time for acomplishment, for begginers to advanced-level to enjoy knitting. With a focus on straight yarn, there is a various lineup of small items to wears which have been knitted by popular kitting designer.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112159/
11219-7   Advanced Domino-Knitting    Vivian Hoxbro, under the editorship of Kotomi Hayashi This is the second version of "Domino-Knitting". The more advanced designs of Domino-Knitting, which spreads in various shape by jointing of knitting motifs with stick needle, have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112197/
10887-9   Domino-Knitting     Vivian Hoxbro, under the editorship of Kotomi Hayashi Domino-Knitting is the new knitting method that square motifs are knitted and jointed like a patchwork style. 21 items such as mostly bags, mufflers, and small knitted goods are introduced. This book will be encouraging also for beginners, including detailed process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108879/
11212-8   Ami Ami Dogs   Mitsuki Hoshi You can knit the favorite dogs only with a stick needle. Small Ami Ami dogs in 7 - 8 cm height can be made only by chain stitch and double crochet, so that even beginners can finish them easily. Thinner yarn will be made into 3 cm cell-phone charms.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112128/
11227-2   Ami Ami Dogs 2   Mitsuki Hoshi This is the second version of Ami Ami Dogs. Ami Ami dogs which will be knitted by a  stick needle are 7 - 8 cm in height, can be made only by chain stitch and double crochet, so that even beginners can finish them easily. A new variety of dogs - poodle, shih Tzu and Boston Terrier, have been added to this.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112272/
11092-6   Lesson for small knitting   Mayumi Maeda & LINNET Knitting is pleasant even if spring has come. The bags, hats and small items like baskets and cushions of linen and cotton yarn have been introduced. These are small enough for beginners to knit. Basic knitting instructions have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110926/
11029-2   Nyao-Nyao knit lovely weave, zakka & wear Kyoko Matsuda This is the collection books with knitting instructions of auther who loves cats, and has been knitting cat's motif for more than 20 years. 30 items from small items such as mascots, bags, mufflers, hats, to vests and sweaters have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110292/
10980-7   Antique style Crochet Lace delicate and chic squared stitch Kazuko Murabayashi Let's make the crystal of flowers and snow, watermarked shape of heart and alphabet with chain stitch and double crochet. Crocheting with lace yarn of No. 15 to 60, combined by high quaility fabrics, will be a big piece.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109807/
11019-3   Crochet motif Applique flowers, leaves and snowflakes  Kazuko Murabayashi This book introduces about 40 works of applique of cute motifs on bags, muffler and blanket. These looks wonderful as one point in ready-made sweater. Detailed process have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110193/
11108-4   an gift as hand crochet To babies, "nice to meet you" Kazuko Murabayashi This is the book for babies crochet to spend a little extra time, waiting for the day when she will become a mother or a grandmother. The items introduced are bib, hats, swaddling clothes, simple-designed cardigans and one-pieces, which are used in all seasons.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111084/
10895-4   Life with motifs Pot Holders with Love & Bags with Beads and Embroidery Kazuko Murabayashi This book introduces the crocheting motifs with crochet needle. Pot holders, 18 bags and small items such as mufflers and hats, are crocheted as a model of the distributed items in USA of 1930s-1950s.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108954/
11209-8   Love for motifs knitting and interlacing Kazuko Murabayashi Let's make 60 kinds of basic motifs such as rectangle, hexagonal shape, octagon, circle and works of crocheting which applies these. You can make a coaster in one sheet, a pot holder or a cushion in 2 sheets, a bag and a muffler in plenty of sheets.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112098/
11260-9 100 of felt straps 100 of felt straps   Monju Nemo Cute straps can be easily made with felting needle.  The straps are made like foods, which varies 100 kinds, from the citrus like lemon and Yuzu, to burdock, fish tofu, sausage, and which have humorous marks as if they look faces.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112609/
11258-6 Amigurumi -black and white Amigurumi -black and white   hisako × Shizue Okawa Shizue Okawa who is hisako's dauther, cartoonist, draws the illustration, and 85 years-old elderly mother makes hand-kitted animals such as cats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, all of which have humorous and innocent atmosphere, in spite of only with monotone yarn.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112586/
11259-3 small dog's sweater and goods Small dog's sweater and goods   Mitsuki Hoshi + Yoko Imamura There are full of cute sweaters for small dogs to look smart and to protect from the cold. The design is created by Mitsuki Hoshi, who is famous for ami ami dogs just like the real stuff. This edition includes the toys which real dogs can play with, and the ami ami dogs as big as the miniature dachshund.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112593/
11251-7 Romantic Knit Romantic Knit   Kazue Nakanishi The instructions to crochet what is essential to daily fashion such as necklaces, pierced earrings, corsages, bags, rings, coordinating with antique laces and beautiful-colored ribbons, have been introduced. Let's crochet accessaries and items with romantic atmosphere. 2009.6.26 http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112517/
  11284-5   Ami Ami dogs 3   Mitsuki Hoshi The third edition of Ami Ami series introduces big Shiba Inu, Kaninchen Dachshund, Chihuahua that children can play with by holding. It also includes the instruction for new kind of dogs such as Yorkshire Terrier, Border Collie in height of 7- 8 cm, and the amusing pouches.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112845/
  11273-9   Estonian Lace! Seto lace & haapsalu lace   Kotomi Hayashi 2 kinds of lace, which has been passed on small country in North Europe, Estonia.  The points of various techniques which auther mastered have been introduced - the colorful and cute Seto lace by crocheting and tidy and delicate Haapsalu lace by stick needle with ivory-colored thread are arranged as easy-to-make small goods.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112739/
  11286-9   Tricotage de Lin   Yoriko Sakuma Stylish hand-knitted items by the auther who loves both linen and knit are introduced in this book. - a whole year items of a high-quality thread that you will love to use, such as shawls, caps, band for hair, socks, camisole, bolero etc・・・ .    
patch   work  /quilt 10797-1   POJAGI Korean patchwork  Kim Kyun Hee The first book in Japan as Korean patchwork, POJAGI, which has been a focus of constant attention. This book collects beautiful works of sheer silk and linen material. The works of the author, who is a leader of POJAGI and her instruction with the detailed process photos, are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107971/
11081-0   Learning patchwork    Shizuko Kurohane  The author, who has been worked on quilts over 30 years, represents her best and possible techniques on 8 themes and 16 works, and  illustrates all of them with process photos. Bags and tapestries are introduced as her works.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110810/
10614-1   Basic note of patchwork various techniques on how to make from small goods to bedspread  Shizuko Kurohane  In this book, not only basic techniques of a piece work and a quilting and of how to make a patchwork by photos in detail, but also various techniques and clues to enjoy a patchwork much further are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106141/
11129-9 2007.1 Gentle quilt connected by one patch   Sanae Kono What a fabric fan wants to sew is one patch quilt. Quilt is works to connect favorite fabrics by one pattern motif, and it is gentle not only for sewing it, but also for its appearance. With illustration of colors and designs by each colors, instructions of the works have been introduced in this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111299/
11223-4   My Quilt Diary   Suzuko Koseki All of 25 items which ranges from popular bags and coasters to large tarpestries, are introduced with separate guidance by hand stitching and by sewing machines. For beginners to follow up easily, the basis of patchwork has been described carefully.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112234/
11082-7 2006.1 Machine made patchworks    Suzuko Koseki This book proposes easy, quick, sturdy and lovely sewing by making use of a sewing machine even without time and patience. 32 easy-to-make items such as bags, aprons, mattress and cushions are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110827/
11020-9 2004.9 Machine made patchworks 2   Suzuko Koseki There are patchworks - by handmade and by sewing machine. Attraction of both are numerous, but this book focuses on by sewing machine and introduced 44 items of bags and goods to illustrate the amusing process with using it.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110209/
10194-8 1983.1 American patchwork quilt dictionary   Megumi Kobayashi Many Americans are proud of folk art and patchwork quilt. This book is a sort of encyclopedia of quilt, which covers its history and kinds and names of its patterns, its instructions. 1350 quilting patterns and 450 photos are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579101948/
11174-9 2008.1 First patchwork learned by Yoko Saito    Yoko Saito Yoko Saito who is a leader in a field of patchwork, is introducing the way of improving the sewing techniques for whom are willing to start to do it and for whom already does. As examples of works, illustrations with process photos of such as bags and tapestries are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111749/
10989-0 2004.2 Yoko Saito's woolwork life with bags, pouches and tapestries  Yoko Saito The most remarkable fabric, wool is appropriate for beginners to finish very finely, even if the patch of a piece is bigger or even if it is not stuffed with so much cotton.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109890/
10697-4 1996.9 Patchwork Lessons   Yoko Saito All the basis needed for patchwork can be learned with this book, by making from small kettleholders to bags, doll quilts and a big piece like bedspread. Detailed process photos are illustrated for beginners to make without anxiety.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106974/
10759-9 1998.11 Patchwork Lessons 2   Yoko Saito This is the second book of "Patchwork lessons", which mostly introduces bags, others from small goods to bedspreads on this issue. The detailed photos of all the items are illustrated for beginners to follow the instruction steps easily. Real size patterns are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107599/
10892-3 2001.12 Patchwork Lessons 3   Yoko Saito Followed by basic edition and making bags edition, the third book is introducing applique and embroidery on patchwork, from bags, for the most part, to tapestries. All items are illustrated with detailed photo process also for beginners to learn without difficulty.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108923/
11080-3 2006.1 Patchwork patterns of more freely and boldly   Yoko Saito A interesting book to see boldly arrange traditional and popular patterns such as hexagon and log cabin in a free idea. As works from Hawaiian quilts and Baltimore quilts of chic colors to stylish goods are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110803/
11028-5 2004.11 Love of cotton printed fabrics   Yoko Saito There is a history that beautiful printed fabrics has been made, based on the printed cotton derived from American pioneer's days. In an abundant use of these fabrics, the 34 items of bags, porches and tapestries are introduced. There is plenty of clues on combination of fabrics.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110285/
10828-2 2000.9 Quilt quest deep journey in quest for thread and fabric Yoshiko Jinzenji Noble and elegant quilt works by auther who lives in Bali of Indonesia for 18 years are introduced as a white cloth tie-dyed with a green bamboo log and a bright colored cloth dyed with a tropical plant. Collections of quilt designs are included at the end of the book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108282/
11130-5 2007.1 BOUTIS   Kumiko Nakayama Geraerts The origin of BOUTIS has in Provence of France. It is made of white quilt, and as beautiful as sculpture. This book shows instructions on how to sew the bedspreads, bags and vests of BOUTIS. Original abundant designs can be also used for quilting drawing.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111305/
10977-7 2003.11 Let's start to make POJAGI   Fumiko Nakayama Traditionnal Korean patchwork, based on the auther's sensitivity, who has a proven performance in various area of handworks, has original and unique style. An introduction book including elaborate instructions of coverings, mats, screens, cushions and bags.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109777/
10185-6 1981.9 American Patchwork quilt - collection of quiting pattern   Miki Nohara, Chuck Nohara Many of real size patterns of quilting which is indispensable to sew American patchworks, and its instructions are introduced in this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579101856/
11026-1 2004.11 Fabric bags for weaving   Hitomi Hanaoka This book is proposing to remake as well as bags of cotton and wool, memorable  kimino of pongee and linen, Obi, into a bags of fine patchworks. 26 bags made in a uncompromising stance are abundant in designs to suit kimonos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110261/
10393-5 1987.1 Flowers and wreaths   Kumiko Fujita 24 items are introduced as a real size block of easy-to-make 35 centimeters squared, which vary from traditional and classic patterns loved by everyone even on present day to Sharon's roses, tulips and flower wreaths.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579103935/
10401-7 1988.3 Hearts and baskets   Kumiko Fujita 24 of loving hearts and baskets arraged by traditional and classic patterns of motifs are introduced as a real size block of easy-to-make 35 centimeters squared. Patterns to completion for work and coloration are also illustrated.   Sorry, photos are not available.
10428-4 1988.1 Happy Christmas   Kumiko Fujita 24 original enjoyable designs such as Santa Claus, Snowman, wreath, Christmas tree are introduced. One pattern is treated as real size 35 centimeters squared motif. The way of use in various Chirstmas goods are also illustrated.   Sorry, photos are not available.
11039-1 2005.2 From the atelier of quilt    Kumiko Fujita 55 items which are made in the white atelier - such as bags, bedspreads, porches and pincushions- are introduced. Combination of bright color and of different material with linen and wool are fresh and novel. Five techniques are also described in the proc   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110780/
11078-0 2005.12 Kumiko Fujita's patchwork pattern 318   Kumiko Fujita 198 pieces pattens of motifs like vegetables, fruits, animals, vehicles, circus, Halloween, kitchen etc., and 120 patterns of appliques - such as flowers, hearts and baskets, are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110780/
10470-3 1989.1 Kumiko Fujita's handmade Christmas    Kumiko Fujita Santa Claus and showman, the leading stars of Christmas appear as original charactors on this book. 70 items of works like cushions, stuffed animals and bags are introduced. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579104703/
11116-9 2006.1 Weaving fabric everyday   Junko Maeda Weaving is connecting old fabric of kimonos and futons at a randam for what it is. To use, to touch, to see, to wear weaved goods is inseparable from the auther's daily life. The pleasure of weaving, which is apart from a strict rule, being indulgent, has been mentioned in the book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111169/
10963-0 2003.5 Weaving Japanese style fabric   Junko Maeda Weaving old and matured Japanese fabrics that have been used for a long time, is to be reborn into newly attractive and vibrant works. Anyone can start only with hand sewing on their knees, caually at anytime, which brings them peaceful minds. The instructions of bag cargo and furoshiki are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109630/
11038-4 2005.2 Kanae's patchwork quilt   Kanae Matsuura 34 items of bags, cushions and bedspreads made of linen and felt, a new face as the material of patchwork, are introduced. The techniques of without seam or of without quilt padding are also illustrated.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110384/
11036-0 2005.1 Victorian Elegance   Junko Miyazaki Victorian chic patchworks - glamorous, noble and dignified works are a complete survey of elagant handworks. Works of tapestries, bags, porches, cushions are introduced by 3 subjects.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110360/
11175-6 2008.1 Relaxing needlework   Junko Miyazaki 36 items of elegant and delicate works are introduced, in order to be relaxed with a pleasure of handworks not only of patchwork, crazy quilt and yo-yo but also of stitch, beads embroidery, lace collage.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111756/
11197-8 2008.5 Yoyo bag   Takako Watari Bags of yo-yo can be made with round motifs, the technique of a traditonal quilts.  Drawstring bags and carrier bags made of connecting smaller pieces than usual will attract everyone's attention and are cute but matured. These will suit for the various c   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111978/
  11275-3   Baskets made from cloth   Yoko Saito The auther who was fascinated by the baskets made in various areas, such as in Northen Europe, USA, Nantucket etc., designs her favorite baskets with fabrics. The designs vary from bags, accessory pouches and tapestries, by weaving fabrics into a shape and making motifs of baskets into appliques.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112753/
embroidery 10339-3   Flower Garden   Yoshie Ueki            This is embroidery book of paintings which collects flowers of each seasons decorating gardens. Instruction to stitich primura, daffodil, anemone, primrose, hyacinth, sweet pea, forget-me-not, cornflower are introduced. Real size patterns of embroidery and sewing description have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579103393/
11154-1   Embroidery on journey   Kazuko Aoki Auther's journey to the field of England is seeing the meadow of wild flowers, yearning garden, flower markets, flowers in a town. Scenery of field that will remain in her heart and lively flowers are expressed on embroidery.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111541/
11070-4   Life with roses   Kazuko Aoki Garden roses that auther herself has grown up with careful treatment are introduced. Numerous works are produced to sketch changing seasons and to stitich designs as a model of that sketch." Anthology of embroidery" are introduced with her life of roses.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110704/
10917-3   Wild flower garden   Kazuko Aoki This book is refreshing and lovely "gardening cross stitich collections" of which the process of sowing seed and of blooming flowers are sketched by auther. The applied works such as bags, cushions, and cloth are also introduced, must-see for sewing fans.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109173/
11033-9   Japanese style embroidery - Japanese style design   Hiromi Akiyama This is design collectons expressed in sensitive Japanese embroidery, such as various crests and simple Japanese-style patterns like snow crystals, lotus flowers, goldfish, houndstooth check, Japanese charactors. Novel Japanese design which will match both European bags and clothes is remarkable.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110339/
11088-9   Threaded patterns drawn on fabric   Yuko Akiyama The fabric for daily use will be add a subtle flavor with free and soft stitches in thread near-at-hand. The works of the threaded patterns in linen, cotton and wools, such as  bags, cushions, place mats and aprons are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110889/
11216-6   Embroidery by Ecole Lesage   Ecole Lesage Maison Lesage is engaged in all of haute couture embroidery works in Paris. This educational institution has disclosed the splendid technique to the public in Japan, and described carefully the instructions on small items such as bags and scarfs. Embroidery designs and the instructions on how to do embroidery have been included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112166/
10513-7   Flower collection   embroiders guild  This design book is introduced as guild collections that are hand-painted in watercolor more than 100 years ago. Flowers designs embroidered by flower thread on linen cloth can be widely used for frames and cushions, etc.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579105137/
11018-6   Ayako Otsuka's stitch world   Ayako Otsuka This is the enjoyable embroidery book which includes various ways such as cross stitich, canvas work, drawn work. Lovely bags and personal items can be made by a full use of easy techniques.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110186/
11012-4   Freehand Embroidery   Nao Okamura In this book, natural motifs like flowers and plants are delicately but expressively embroidered as if these are drawn freely with a pencil. Various items such as bags, T-shirts, knits are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110124/
11103-9   Simple Stitch Life   Miko Ogura This book is to enjoy doing a fraction of embroidery on the linen cloth, on a white shirt as if you draw pictures. This is the recommended also for beginners, as introduced techniques like back stitich are so simple.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111039/
11191-6   Baby shoes collection   Mitsuko Ozawa Let's make memorial baby shoes by yourself, to see how little you were when a baby. 48 works embroidered with simple marks, such as beautiful flowers and initials, and bibs, bonnets are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111916/
11030-8   Modern Border Design    Designer Vibeke Olris, Supervisor Nikiko Yamanashi This is the collection of designers who will play a central role of Denmark embroidery fields. 11 patterns of simple and modern Nordic designs and of clear color-toned borders are introduced. Embroidered linen for tablecloth and table mats will be a beautiful addition to your daily life.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110308/
11127-5   Patch notes   Mayumi Katsuya Even if spots and moth holes on the clothes appeared in spite of taking good care of them, it will be repaired by handstitch of clothes or fabric scraps of a little damaged. This is the contemporary version of book for mending to revive amusingly by ingenious stitiches and easy remake.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111275/
10893-0   Girl's smocking dress introductory lesson on smocking that mothers want to have her daughters to wear Junko Kumamoto Smocking is a kind of gather made by sewing a stitch by a stitch.  It is an unforgettable handcraft for innocent and noble girl's wears. This is introductory book which is also for perfect beginners to make, and includes elaborate illustrations and a kind of more than 10 of original drawings   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108930/
11186-2   Smocking embroidery on baby dress and goods    Junko Kumamoto Leaving hospital after childbirth, visiting a shrine and baptismal ceremony are the first and precious ritual. The smocking dress which will give a baby most charming appearance on such days are introduced as well as small goods and daily dresses. Real size patterns are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111862/
11095-7   Takeko Kuriyama's embroidery on elegant dress  haute couture technique from basis Takeko Kuriyama Sensive expression and profound aspects of embroidery of haute couture dresses are introduced. Tender and delicate attention, and skilled and proficient professional techniques for upgrading of dresses, such as codings, ribbons, sterically applique are seen in this book. 糸刺しゅう http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110957/
10974-6   Takeko Kuriyama's dress-up with beads embroidery haute couture technic from basis Takeko Kuriyama The auther who is a leader in this field, has developed sophiscated haute couture technique on camisoles, suits and dresses. There are a number of process photos and detailed description and illustraion on how to do beads embroidery. This book is the definite edition which involves basic knowledge and way of doing it.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109746/
11032-2   Naoko Shimoda's embroidery drawings   Naoko Shimoda Naoko Shimoda's embroidery magic is to make ordinary stitch reborn as surprisingly adorable works. Its secret will be revealed in this book. New selection of fine drawings and embroidery threads are recommended. You can fully enjoy yourself with her attractive embroidery world on drawings and works.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110322/
11218-0   Stitching is amusing.   Naoko Shimoda Chain, Satin, Running stitch・・・・. Combination of basic stitiches will produce new stitch. Let's make a plain bag, mastering these basic stitches.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112180/
11077-3   Life with quilt   Mitsuko Suzuki, Kotomi Hayashi Quilt is producing a beautiful pattern by a piece of string. This book takes primarily up the quilts prevailed in Shonai area of the Meiji era, the drawings are introduced, displaying numerous collection of dishcloth and aprons which are used even currently, together with 21 of new items.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110773/
10930-2   Flower Motif Beads Embroidery    Keiji Tagawa Flower motifs are loved by everybody. Being finished with beads embroidery, they are born again into steric flowers with elegant brilliance. This book introduces embroidery based on attractive drawings and coloring on bags, stoles and samplers.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109302/
10866-4   Precious Beads Embroidery    Keiji Tagawa Delicate beads embroidery is very novel. They are essential to haute couture dresses, not to mention, daily fahion. The instruction of how to do embroidery on bags, stoles and samplers are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108664/
10948-7   Enjoyable Japanese style Embroidery   Toshiko Nagayama Orthodox Japanese way of style embroidery are introduced with the auther's original modern drawings and coloring of flowers and insects in the fields. Works of picture frames, totebags and decorative collars in kimono. Detailed instructions on how to stretch cloth, to twist thread and basic repairing are introduced with pictures and photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109487/
11106-0   Small Cross Stitch 100 stories of wonderful family  Noriko Hayasaki Various scenery on the small space by multiplying 50 count by 30 count is like a cavalcade of miniture stitches. You can decorate it as cards or frames as it is, or its part as a small mark. This is full of drawings in spite of small works.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111060/
10975-3   Denish white work -HEDEBO   Yuki Pallis More than 100 of elegant white lace works derived from Denmark from the 18th century to the late 19th century has been introduced in this book. For whom would like to make them by hand, the basic techiniques and new works arranged as examples.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109753/
11188-6   European life with handwork   Yuki Pallis Numerous European handworks in the eighteenth century to the nineteenth century, such as cross stitch sampler, excellent embroidery put on house linen and lace decorated on collars and cuffs are introduced with more than 240 photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111886/
11128-2   Flora   Yuki Pallis This book collects Europena flower embroidery works by various techniques such as French embroidery, cross stitch, wool work, beads embroidery. A number of drawings are introduced also from antique collections.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111282/
11034-6   European Flower handwork -Embroidery of initial &  monogram   Yuki Pallis Embroidery of intials which have been collected throughout Europe are introduced. Various techniques on cross stitch and embroidery works of personal items and a number of applicable works and drawings are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110346/
11027-8   Flowers & stripes   ? This is the drawing collection of cross stitch by the Spanish designer. The drawings includes 69 charming items such as large and small flowers, widely applicable stripes and alphabets are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110278/
10924-1   Flower works   Keita Maruyama Keita Maruyama is the fashion designer, who is famous for tailoring romatic and noble clothes. This is the collection book to put flower embroidery designs on his works, and to include a full of rich techniques and colors, such as French embroidery and motifs.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109241/
11011-7   Embroidery Book    Reiko Mori This book introduces putting delicate designs such as violets, leafs and ballet toeshoes on linen. A moderately sweet and refreshing works that will look nice also on adults are applied to bags, cushions and sewing boxes, etc・・・.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110117/
11206-7   My Favorite Embroidery   Reiko Mori This is the design book for delicate and stylish embroidery of the motifs, such as shoes, baskets, plants, lace that most woman love. These works can be decorated as they are, or can be made on bags and hats as one point embroidery.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112067/
11158-9   Welcome to Embroidery CAFÉ   Junko Yazaki You can do embroidery with a cup of tea in your one hand. The workshop of "Embroidery CAFÉ" that presided over by the auther is popular. The adoreble embroidery appliques and work baskets which were born from such kind of "tea party" are introduced in this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111589/
  11283-8 Embroidery recipes A to Z Embroidery recipes A to Z   Kazuko Aoki This book shows an embroidery world of 26 motifs of alphabet characters, which are displayed by character carefully. These characters can be drawn as a point embroidery, and as a frame embroidery. Plenty works of flowers, vegetables, animals, foods, items for kitchen and garden are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112838/
  11287-6   Embroidery brooches   HIPOTA 28 kinds of cheerful animals such as framingo, pig, white bear, frog, and insect are made up into brooches in this book.  As you can only do embroidery as if doing on coloring book by appled pattern of buttonhole stitch, even beginners can make just seeing the process.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112876/
Dolls 10978-4   Various stuffed animals   Aranzi Aronzo The stuffed animals of various texture of materials - spongy, smooth and poofy - are introduced with instructions. The unique "cuddly world" is introduced by its representative dog Tetsu, eyelash-rabbit and panda worm in this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109784/
10921-0   Jersey stuffed animals   Aranzi Aronzo The instruction on stuffed animals of Aranzi Aronzo's popular characters are disclosed to the public. Both who will make them and who will not can enjoy themselves with this pretty and interesting book. 21 items such as pandas, the evils and kappa are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109210/
11061-2   Dogs of mitten and monkeys of socks   Miyako Kanamori Superbly cute animal goods of ordinary cotton work gloves and socks are introduced in this book. 16 animals such as gloves of dogs and socks of monkeys, rabbits, bears, pigs, pandas etc., which can be handsewn are introduced as an interesting story.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110612/
11166-4   Stuffed animals with mittens a squirrel knits   Miyako Kanamori Cute stuffed animal can be made easily with color gloves. This book revolves as a story of "squirrel knits" , which you can enjoy as a picture book. How about making 20 animals such as squirrels, frogs, cats and elephants with your kids?   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111664/
10639-4   Wardorf dolls and their fellows   Nanako Sasaki Followed by Wardorf dolls, their small fellows appear in this volume. The feeling of wrapping wool with natural materials is like warmth of the mother's hands. The 20 works are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106394/
11160-2   handwork dolls to nurture the child's heart   Karin Neusch¨utz, translated by Nanako Sasaki  New issue after 13 years since the auther introduced Wardorf dolls. Based on correspondence course on handwork of wool, 20 items which children can handle safely, such as dolls, puppets, glove dolls are illustrated with drawings and photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111602/
10337-9   Wardorf dolls   Karin Neusch¨utz, translated by Nanako Sasaki  Dolls made of wool, which came from Sweden are very soft to the touch, and are interesting friends for kids. Color photos are taken in the natural environment of Sweden. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579103379/
10700-1   Waldorf Animals    translation:Nanako Sasaki The auther is proposing the animals of honest shapes with no deformation as sympathetic creatures. As the same as Wardorf dolls, the motto of this book is that the mothers will make and give them to their children. Real size patterns are included in this    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107001/
11015-5   Fleece Dog   SINCO 20 palm-sized dogs, which are neither similar sewn stuffed animals nor knitted stuffed animals, are made by using only a needle of combinig wool, hair of dogs, and fiber. Basic detailed techniques are introduced in the process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110155/
10888-6   Little stuffed dogs   Chie Hoshino Introduced stuffed animals are so little enough to be in the palm. Popular dogs such as Boston Terrier, miniature dachshund, Corgi are getting together in this book. Real size patterns in all items are included. This is summed up in cuteness.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108886/
10936-4   Small Wanko on theaters  possible to make dogs and goods Chie Hoshino Introduced stuffed dogs are so little enough to be in the palm. 12 kinds of lovely small Wanko such as Long coat Chihuahua, Shiba Inu, cavalier, toypoodle and goods for small Wanko are introduced with instructions.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109364/
hats and bags 11017-9   Hearing of wonderful news    Shiho Kikuchi If you hear of something wonderful, how about giving a cordial handmade gift for mam and her baby?  This book includes lots of sewing goods such as baby shoes, bibs, Afghan, bags for mam.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110179/
10967-8   Combination of knit and fabric goods   Shiho Kikuchi This book introduces lovely shopping bags, aprons, kettle holders, in the extraordinary combination of washed-out linen kitchen fabrics and floral printed cottons or handmade knitting fabrics.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109678/
11056-8   Outfit for a journey in monochrome   Shiho Kikuchi The goods which have interesting combination of fabric and knit are introduced in monochrome. The ideas for trip preparation by ZAKKA such as bags, and actual travel guide to Kobe and ZAKKA shops there are included.     http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110568/
10981-4   Favorite linen and knit   Shiho Kikuchi Warm goods made of adequately thick linen, which goes well with wools and yarns are introduced. The items that you would like to have in going out in winter, such as shopping bags, blankets, small muffers, knitted drawstring bags are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109814/
11008-7   Pretty goods made of a towel   Mika Sawaire Washcloth has various patterns from traditional to pop. The lovely ZAKKA that can be easily made such as kitchen goods, bags and baby goods utilizing these pleasant patterns and the size, are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110087/
11062-9   Let's sew goods with a favorite fabric   Bleu Blanche This book is a pleasant book for lesson to sew favorite 4 patterns of fabrics such as gingham check, stripe, polkadot pattern, floral pattern. The fabrics which can be sold everywhere will be reborn as bags and aprons with applique and easy embroidery.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110629/
10968-5   Let's sew enormously cute goods   Bleu Blanche The instruction on camera bags and MD case to be fitted for size, convenient reversible bags and rainy day's goods are introduced in this book. How about trying original handmade goods with which you are able to spend happy days?   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109685/
11066-7   Let's kit and sew   mihox & H.H. Wide variety of ZAKKA made of warm winter materials, such as knitting yarn, felts and wools is introduced in this book. Knitting caps, gloves, mufflers, skirts, porches will be done with simple knitted stitches by stick or crochet needles.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110667/
10998-2   Goods made in a leisurely mood    mihox & H.H. Liberty, linen and lace, check and stripe ・・・・. The instruction for the goods of these popular fabric that will make your life more pleasant are collected for this book. A variety of 56 items such as clothes, bags, kitchen goods and interior goods, are introduced. Patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109982/
11051-3   Leather wallet Let's make wallet in the motif of familiar scenery as if drawing a picture Yuko Akiyama Thin leather is used, for everyone to sew and make applique easily in household sewing machine. More than 30 items such as purse, fold-in-three wallet, fold-in-two wallet, with zipper, with string, coincase, have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110513/
11076-6   Loving goods Let's loving goods by Aranzi Aronzo Aranzi Aronzo The small goods that from kindergarten or elementary school childen to young women can use in their daily life have been introduced. Popular charactors by Aranzi Aronzo  have been seen everywhere such as in bags, porches, card cases, book covers, key rings.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110766/
11178-7   Hello Baby !   Aranzi Aronzo Popular unit, Aranzi Aronzo is introducing small fabric goods for babies with instructions. This book is full of colorful and cute goods - such as baby bibs, cloth diapers, the mother's bags, baby's bottle cases, matenity passport cases.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111787/
11041-4   Goods made of linen Pleasure in handmaking  Yumi Ishikawa ZAKKA near-at-hand like bags, lunch bags, slippers and table mats made of linen and its instructions, are introduced, together with life of the auther who loves linen. You can find yourself comfortable to create by the sense of the design and the idea of your own.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110414/
11042-1   Stylish Croche Let's start with croche as making hats. Oko Ishida Croche which combine crown and brim is the basis of hat.You will surely find the hat that will suit you best. The elaborate instructions of 18 casually stylish items are introduced with real size patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110421/
10947-0   Talkative hats making hats much easier than expected  Yumiko Itoyama There are the hats that easily made with the tools of sewing box and small fabrics in this book. 27 items such as crochet of round crown, casket and hunting are introduced. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109470/
10800-8   Making hats in your own way making hats for the first time Yumiko Itoyama This book includes elaborate illustration of photo and real size patterns, so that even stylish beginners can make the hat close to her image with household tools and materials. 27 chic designs by application of croche and belley are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108008/
11201-2   Making tomboyish hats   Yumiko Itoyama This book is the third edition of hat series by the auther. The hat which either only has crowns or small brim such as caps, belleys, turbans and sun visors have been collected. It is easy to make and to put on with it, which is suitable for the introductory book for beginners of making hats.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112012/
11064-3   Handmade bags for kindergarten and elementary school   Yukiko Inoue Bags will be prepared for entering kindergarten or elemenatry school. How about making your memories by hand with your child. Lots of ingenuity on various sized bags such as handbags, canvas bags and lunch bags are seen to make them in a lovely finish. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110643/
11021-6   Excellent goods made of ribbons brilliant bags and porches in a simple and convenient way Yuko Iwai The bags and porches made by ripping, braiding and twisting, with leaving texture of ribbon are introduced with process photos. What is characteristic of it is that finish is to save time but beautiful, without treatment of seam.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110216/
11119-0   Combination of felt and fabric   Yoko Iwata This book includes a works of felt which brings the new feel, fabric and knit are combined with wools of natural color. Persistent works such as bags and small goods of unique texture and simple form, the wear in which fabric shrinks with wools partially, are introduced.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111190/
11122-0   Everyday bags and small goods for kindergarten and elementary school    Emiko Iwano Mam's honest desire is to make favorite goods for her child but to make the process as simplest as possible. This book is encourging to the mothers who intend to do so. The items introduced in this book can be easily made for the handmade beginners. The drawings of tags and marks are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111220/
10889-3   Japanese-style bags   Seiko Ueda Wonderful bags made from old fabrics of soft texture and colors are introduced. From accessary pouch, wallet, drastring bag, scent bag, Sukiya-bag, to pochette. All of the instructions are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108893/
10985-2   Fabric bags of UMAMI   Yoshimi Etsura, Midori Takahashi There are secrets on why you look smart even taking with fabric bags made by professionals. - the secrets on instructions and the way of use of various parts. The trendy and sophisticated bags of canvas and wool have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109852/
11083-4   Bags of umami and Furoshiki of midori   Yoshimi Etsura & Midori Takahashi The bags which Umami tried have been influenced by a popular stylist Midori, are wonderful in a constant adherence, like remake of old material and repeated wash after completion. Midori recommends most the simple Furoshiki.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110834/
11221-0   Leather Bag Lesson 1, 2   Yoshimi Ezura The making of leather bags is easier than you have expected. 33 kinds of bags that auther considers the details of much easier instructions for readers, have been introduced. The instructions are introduced according to the difficulty level; from the extremely easy instruction without sewing, to authentic instruction. This also covers bags for men. Real size patterns have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112210/
11157-2   Bag Combination   Yozhimi Ezura & Midori Takahashi Texture, feeling of touch, colors, combination・・・・・.What is the combination when it comes to bags? A bags producer Ms. Ezura, and stylist Ms. Takahashi considers like this. They introduces 47 items of novel material and designs.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111572/
10890-9   Bag Lesson   Yoshimi Etsura Professional finish in making leather bags are enjoyable easier than in fabric bags. Women bag craftman gives instruction of leather and fabric bags which are easy and almost any tools are needless. The beautiful bags of wools and old Obi are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108909/
10995-1   Bags made of Obi   Mutsuko Oizumi This book includes plenty of the bags made most of texture, color and beautiful woven of Obi. Useful shape, toughness and functionality in your daily life are considered from the point of the professional. Instructions of all the items are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109951/
11086-5   Smocking bags introduced from Italy   Anna Clari  Smocking is a method of handcraft in which fabric is sewn and made gathering in a small width and whipstitiched with thread. The bags introduced in this book are made of smocking on the surface of cloth. The grid and striped pattern will add the splendor of prism to these bags.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110865/
11222-7   A book of roomshoes   Kyoko Sakauchi Room shoes that will fit your feet. The shoes patterns are highly perfected, and have various sizes which cover all the family members. The instructions which are made to work in your daily life, have been described.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112227/
11102-2   A book of stripes    Noriko Sakagami The auther who loves the stripe patterns proposes the various items for daily life, which are made use of striped fabrics of cutsew, line and canvas. The instruction of these and some topics related to making fabrics and stripes are also introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111022/
11164-0   Mom's handmade bags for kids designed by kid's own illustrations Ayako Sakamoto The designs of embroidery and applique in this book are based on the illustration of the child's own. The designs added a subtle touch by mom became more lovely than expected. The necessary bags for kindergarten and elementary school will be prepared with only this book. Real size drawing and patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111640/
10865-7   Basic notes on making bags for whom would like to make bags at least Shikanoroom This book is published for whom would like to make bags at least, even if making clothes might be impossible, or for whom cannot make them without patterns. 41 items in total including tote bags, overnight bags, porches are introduced with illustrations of from careful instructions to practical applications   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108657/
10979-1   Sewing Kimono Bags   Naoko Shimoda The bags introduced in this book are sharp and stylish bags with embroidery, which will be suitable both for Kimono and for Westurn dresses. How to enjoy drawstring bags, Shingen bags, Sukiya-bags, Furoshiki, Obi with embroidery, decorative collars and geta strap are also added.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109791/
10792-6   Handmade bag Naoko Shimoda's Needlework Time Naoko Shimoda This is a collection of bags which of all the process is by handmade, and which embroidery are added to the 6 basic types. A bit nostalgic tastes in use of beads, ribbons, spangles, felts will fit exactly the current mood.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107926/
11115-2   Felt is interesting It is so wonderful though only cut with scissors. Naoko Shimoda To cut, to fold and to cut out・・・・. Recent material, color and thickness of felt is so various that it is not used only for child. The wonderful items for adults, such as bags, ornament and accessaries have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111152/
11171-8   Enjoyable remade goods of daily kimono    Michiko Suzuki Handmade Japanese style goods which will make your Kimono life more happy are introducedFuroshiki and bags made of old Kimono fabric, handsewn apron and dustcloth, and easy instruction to tie an half size Obi which will use s-hook as a tool, are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111718/
11165-7   Curious shape of hats    Akiko Suso The bellay and brimmed hat the shapes of which will be stylish and easy to put on, what has been imaged from marron, broad bean and dune, are introduced. Sewing up the cut fabric along with patterns will be three-dimensional shapes・・・・・. You can enjoy craft works of making hats.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111657/
10987-6   A treasure of crepe on the palm   Junko Takayama Seasonal decorative and personal goods made of crepe. The size from the nail of little finger to on the palm, which the auther persists in being small. The elaborate instruction of such as pictures, bags and boxes by crepe are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109876/
11217-3   Noriko Tachibana' Felt Mode   Noriko Tachibana The items such as plastic bottle holder, thick digital camera case, muffler that everyone can use in a pleasant way are made with color wool, as a consequence, are completed into felt works of warm texture. This includes must-see new techniques like openworks and weaving patterns.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112173/
10798-8   Felt bag and goods made of raw wool   Noriko Tachibana Handmade felt which the raw wool will be placed and compressed after scrubbed in hot water so that detergent has been dissolved. The instruction of the hats, muffler and bags of chic coloring are introduced with elaborate process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107988/
20986-6   Scene    Ui Nakabayashi Bags with plots - which are made as if you draw a picture in the moment when you feel good in your daily life, seeing them as canvas with fabric and thread, have been introduced. 83 items, from the works in early times to the latest, have been introduced once for all.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209866/
10914-2   Happy Sunday pleasant scene at somewhere before  Ui Nakabayashi This book includes handmade bags designed by simple way of embroidery, applique and stencils. The pleasant drawing of leisurely time on happy Sunday as its theme are all what you would like to try immediately.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109142/
10954-8   Petit bag collection   Yukiko Hashimoto The petit bags of fine quality fabric, such as jacquard and silk shantung will be carried with you even for daily use, needless to say, for special purpose. The case for mobile phone and matching cosage can be made in 27 ways.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109548/
10494-9   Crape handwork   Masako Hanafusa  This book includes colorful bags, dolls, flowers and animals sewn up with small crepe fabrics. A number of workmanship in which contemporary ideas are added to the wisdom of needle work in Meiji and Taisho era, are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579104949/
10610-3   101 items for kindergarten and  elementary schoool   Designed by Kotomi Hayashi The book is intended to do enjoyable sewing, looking at cartoons even if you are a sewing beginner. Plenty of helpful goods for kindergarten and elementary school - the bags, aprons and smocks which are appealing to cuteness, are introduced.Real size patterns are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579106103/
10906-7   Goods made of Japanese fabric   Kotomi Hayashi The fashion goods such as tie-dyed bags and stoles, yuzen-dyed brooches and accessary boxes, which are stylish casually and will suit the daily coordinates of wear various Japanese style scrap, are introduced in this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109067/
11133-6   Everyday goods for  kindergarten and elementary school  Mama's handmade  Bunka Publishing Bureau This book includes all the necessary items for everyday life on nursery, kindergarten and elementary school. Plenty of handmade ingenuity are seen in the bags for lessons, the items which will be appreciated if exhibited on bazzar or the wears for kids.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111336/
11069-8   Remake Knit Unraveling a knit Bunka Publishing Bureau There are plenty of ideas and hints which will drastically regenerate the knit in the closet.  Plain vest will be transformed into bags after reduction of dimention of knit, sleeves will be into mufflers and slippers. All the 54 items are introduced with instructions.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110698/
10931-9   Bags of rag rug   Haruko Matsunaga Sakuori is the ultimate way of fabric recyling in which the fabric like rag will be regenerated into the beautiful ones. Many of stylish bags which will suit the various fashion are introduced, by making full use of the characteristic of being strong and thick.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109319/
11246-3   Sakuori and Sakuami   Haruko Matsunaga, Kiwako Matsunaga This book introduces the instruction on how to make baskets, rugs and bags by the yarn or thread made from the used T-shirts and knitted wear.  Simple way of kitting by stick needle and crochet and handweaving of convenient loom are introduced. Beginners can surely enjoy making goods by this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/searchresult.do?isbn_code=11246
11114-5   Idea hat recipe     The auther named each item after sweets, from the desire of readers to start and enjoy making hats. These are Chou a la crème, Macarons ・・・・・ etc, the hats which are designed with full of ingenuity and stylishness.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111145/
10933-3   Shifuku wraping up your memorial things Junko Yanagi Everyone should have one or two treasured thing. How about wrapping up the bags so-called Shifuku? This book includes the detailed instructions with process photos,  adopting tea container as presentative example.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109333/
11192-3   Let's sew with kids   Kunie Yamazaki This book is targeted at schoolchildren in the lower grades, and includes the pleasant illustration as to the basis of sewing on how to hold the needle and to sew. Every child can enjoy the amusing time with handmaking, with the instruction on how to make small goods. Material kit for tissue case has been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111923/
11148-0   Handmade project    Lotta Jansdotter Ms. Lotta, who is a textile designer, introduces the handmade goods, which is simple and have a sense of fun, such as in bags, interior goods and aprons, being inspired by the various thing in her daily life.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111480/
11193-0   Ryo's mode of handcrafted items   Ryo + H.H. Ryo, the actress who loves handmaking, proposes the pleasure of doing handmade stylish fashion items, such as brooches of Swarovski, bags of cosages, neckless of golden thread.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111930/
beads, accessary 11152-7   A book of corsage 40 flower styles of casual to elegant Atelier Senka  From easy-to-make corsage which will be completed just by cutting and jointing with an adhesive bond, to the advanced-leveled using the soldering iron, 40 styles are introduced with detailed illustations. This book will satisfy from the beginners to the person who are familiar with making them. Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111527/
11125-1   Casual flowers of ribbon and fabric   Noriko Endo This book includes the flowers of ribbons and cottons even without special tools. There are plenty of pleasure in handmaking the various items - such as decoration-like cosage of ribbon, cotton daisy, novel flowers made of tulle lace and metal comb, elegant winding roses have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111251/
10986-9   Adding Beaded Jewelry to your style   Sakiko Kusanagi Accessary is like the essence added to one's style. About 100 pieces of accessaries which will be added a spice to the fashion are introduced with instructions. 6 rings are illustrated in detail with process photos and drawings.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579109869/
11138-1   Accessary notes by Kiyomi Nakakagawa   Kiyomi Nakagawa Unique number of resin accessaries are introduced, including the auther's attraction as a costume accessary creator. The way of solidifing resin are also illustrated in an easy-to-follow instruction.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111381/
20872-2   Gift of Art Silver clay miscellaneous goods and accessary made in the kitchen Rumi Nakamura Art clay silver, which has been improved to be burned on stove, is more convenient these days. The introduced works are from accessaries to small goods like photoframes, bookmarks, small boxes, with instructions.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208722/
10885-5   Simple corsage making   Bunka Publishing Bureau This book is introducing the corsages with the instructions. The materials varies from cotton and wool to felt, denim and leather. Easy and stylish 33 items, taking advantage of the print of the fabric are introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108855/
10868-8   Accessary by une Saison a La drogueric   Bunka Publishing Bureau Handmade accessary of La drogueric, the shop at Quartier des Halles in Paris. From girls to brides as themes, 110 items such as neckless, bracelets, pierced earrings are introduced, with each instruction. The characteristic is to complete easily.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579108688/
11094-0   Corsage for everyday from linen rose to pine cone Imari Murakami 42 corsages which can be put on like brooches are introduced, such as apples, clovers, roses, flowers of felt and denim. The sewing instruction on the corsages which are different in taste and how to coordinate them, are introduced.  Real size patterns are included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110940/
  11278-4   Handmade crochet accessaries   Bunka Publishing Bureau Accessaries of being knitted with brilliant threads, such as beads and spangles will be also suitable for daily use. You can make your original and wonderful accessaries with combination of beads and laces. The 35 items such as necklaces, pierced earrings, cosarges, lariets have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112784/
Others 11075-9   Recesoir chez Anano   Anano When casual arrangement and concern, the feeling of hosts and the person who are to be treated synchronize, it will be real hospitality. Anano's way of hospitailty has been introduced. The instruction on fabric goods is also introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110759/
11037-7   Ultra Net Working   Ultra Tama This book introduces handmaking of the daily goods with nets for handcraft. Bags, coin purses, coasters and mobiles straps made of knitting yarn, leather codes, tapes and ribbons have been introduced. You will find pleasure in doing handcraft.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110377/
11063-6   Button mania   Bunka Publishing Bureau Displaying various kinds of buttons used for shirts and for antiques, 37 items of the accessaries, bags and frames making use of these are introduced with instructions. You will be newly fasinated with the attaction of buttons.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110636/
Dollhouse 10725-4   Japanese Doll Houses   Takako Mizohata, Kozue Kuboki This book includes how to make the doll house in which Japanse life has been expressed elaborately and humorously. - Numerous seasonal nostalgic days which everyone has experienced, such as entrance ceremony for elementary school, bean-scattering ceremony and cool evening breeze. Many of works have been introduced with process photos and illustrated instructions.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579107254/
Dyeing & weaving 11031-5   Plant tie dyeing   Yuko Teramura, Hitomi Buno This is a book of plant tie-dyeing by Mr.Teramura, who is famous for eucalyptus and lichen dyeing and Mr. Buno, who has investigated the multi-color tie-dyeing. This is recommended for beginners as well as for professionals.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110315/
10229-7   Hand weaving   Yoshiko Hamano, Yoshiko Tanaka, Hoshino Tasaku, Michiko Tanaka Necessary knowledge for hand weaving and its basic processes such as texture, yarn dyeing and hand spin have been introduced with abundance of photos and well-illustrated, mostly for beginners.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579102297/
11117-6   Let's enjoy natural dyeing    Michiko Matsumoto This book introduces the eccentric way of tie-dyeing with rubber bands and packthread, batik-print by lotus root stamp. Let's dye the handkerchief and with vegetables or something in the kitchen such as chesnut peel, unripe persimmon and black bean.      http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111176/
20916-3   Hand weaving with wood-frame   Mikiko Yamanashi Let's enjoy yourself with various kinds of weaving by simple wood frame. The items introduced in this book varies from plain-woven to transparent texture, that beginners can start casually, at the same time, can go to high perfection level. Careful instruction has been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/searchresult.do?isbn_code=20916-3
20806-7   Porcelain Painting, Tables for Four Seasons   Toshiro Ishii This book includes various works, producing the beautiful table setting with porcelain painted by the theme of four seasons, each month. Another attractive point is that  supplement some sketches of the main works are included at the end of the book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208067/
20983-5   Thank you card 170   Yukiko Inoue The 170 actual examples of thank you cards that will convey simply the feeling of " thank you, I am glad." have been introduced. Even if you are not good at making sentences, and writing characters, there is such kind of wonderful ways of telling your gratitude. You can see surprisingly pleasant way of finding materials and usage.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209835/
20880-7   Handmade card is pleasant!   Yukiko Inoue If you get to know the ideas, you will find how easily you are to make card. The materials are paper bags, wrapping papers and a cut of cloth in our daily life. Please confirm by yourself the effect of the handmade card without pictures, which will improve your human relationships.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208807/
21046-6   Small garden with wired goods   Yumiko Okuda Little garden and wired goods that will give you gentle feeling in spite of small space. The gardens which are proposed by the auther, garden designer, are including succulent plants and are all easy-to-make and easy-care.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210466/
21023-7   Let's send handmade cards   Satoshi Kimura, Motoko Matsuda If the such a kind of envelope is delivered, everyone will feel happy. A postman should smile to see it, too. 300 sheets of pleasant handmade envelopes which are sketched and painted freely and well thought out in a small space, have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210237/
21001-5   Letters of handmaking   Ayano Kinoshita Seasonal postcards, the invitation to having fun and celebration for specilal days ・・・. There is plenty of what a letter can contribute unexpectedly. The auther, who is a illustrator and fond of letters, introduces the original uniquely works of letter.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210015/
20905-7   Attractive porcelain painting by Susann Knobloch's   Galerie Puits D'Amour Ms. Susan Knobloch inherits the proficent techniques which can be reproduced as in the eighteen century when the the plenty of the styles and decoratation on porcelain painting which was generated. This book introduces her typical works and excises.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209057/
20811-1   Origami Zakka Book   Kazuo Kobayashi You can find the pleasant aspects of Origami that one sheet will change into various shapes. The Zakka which can be folded to use such as lovely boxes, Pochi-bukuro, files have been introduced. How about enjoy yourself with a little different Origami of your favorite sheet ?   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208111/
20877-7   Origami Package Book   Kazuo Kobayashi The ideas for packages and wrapping using the techniques of Origami are introduced in this book. There are lots of pleasant shapes such as boxes of pentagon and triangular, boxes shaped-like a cake and the package shaped-like a shirt. The drawings for folding have been included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208777/
21036-7   Smart Origami for kids   Kazuo Kobayashi, Toshiyuki Sawaguchi Origami is the play which you can do anywhere and anytime. Moving hands and fingertips will lead to the activation of brains and will bring the desirable effect on children's intellectual education. The instructions of Origami which can be played, fully used, be creative are introduced with photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210367/
21035-0   Interesting Origami which everyone can play   Kazuo Kobayashi This book includes the pleasant Origami which will satisfy from children to adults. Zodiac of chopstick bags, animals which will jump and move, the represenative Origami, the various crane, the works which will surprise you as a magic have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210350/
11109-1   Sewing and sealing on fabrics    Keiko Koma This book introduces to make your original seal of eraser on various goods such as handmade fabric goods, blouses and skirts that you have, simple designed cup and saucer. The instructions of fabric Zakka have been also illustrated with drawings.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111091/
20912-5   Small boxes with embroidery which have been passed down in Denmark   Kayo Kondo Making small boxes is one of the Denish traditional handicraft. The lovely embroidery of one sheet will be added to the original small boxes of your own. Basic instructions are illustrated elaborately with photos. The real size drawing of small sophisticated embroidery are also included.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209125/
21063-3   Let's make three-dimensional cards and picture books   Yasushi Shibata Three-dimensional picture books that will please children. Making them by yourself will increase the pleasure. This title will introduce the basis of three-dimension parts, and describes the easy-to-follow instruction to make them into cards and picture books. The drawings that can be used as copies are included.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210633/
20808-1   Small books made by yourself   Yoshie Tanaka Shall we do binding the notebooks and paperbags or make small books with daily material such as your favorite fabrics and papers? The basic instructions have been illustrated with detailed process photos. The elaborate works of authers also have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208081/
20911-8   To make your original book of your own   Yoshie Tanaka The ideas and techniques to do handmade small books and the related goods have been introduced. Albums, notebooks, pop-up cards, photo frames, files have been introduced as these examples. The basic points are introduced with process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209118/
20731-2   Kaleidoscope   Kimiko Teruki Everyone has ever seen kaleidoscope. The introduced here is a number of fantastic one in the world which will produce splendid and complex, on the totally contrary to what used to be, with the history and basic instructions.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579207312/
20001-6   Stained glasses   Osamu Naito This is an introductory book of stained glasses which can be made easily. How about challenging to make the lamp shade which can change the mood of rooms, the candle stands which will make your table happy?   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579200016/
11126-8   Plump fabric box   Junko Nakajima Old kimono fabric is pasted on the boxes stuffed with cotton. There are 2 types of boxes, "Potton" of which covers are disconnected, and "Pattan" of which covers are connected. You will find peace of mind with them made of your favorite fabric.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111268/
20947-7   Paper x Paper   Ui Nakabayashi This book is the collection of paper works, which are made by popular bag artist uni. This includes full of sense of fun which will make your life enjoyable, such as broad beans card, banana memo, cutting paper of fallen leaves, ornament of snow crystal.    http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209477/
11187-9   FOOD ?   Ui Nakabayashi There are plenty of ideas to produce pleasant table with use of various materials such as paper, fabric and wood. Coaster of clam shaped, fish shaped bag of chopsticks,  lunchon mat of peanuts shape and cookies of wood have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579111879/
20868-5   Le cartonnage dans la vie quotidienne   Chiharu Hirooka Cartonnage is made to put together with cardboard and to paste with fabric. The instructions on 70 items of several sizes boxes according various usages in your life scenes, have been introduced. Basic techniques are illustrated in color process photos.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208685/
20962-0   Easy-to-make cartonnage   Chiharu Hirooka This book is for whom would like to enjoy making cartonnage casually. It is easy to set up, as the instruction is develped like opening the caramel box. The round box, the instruction of which seems difficult, will be staplered by more thin paper. 40 items have been introduced.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209620/
20867-8   First Japanese style book binding    Tsugio Fukawa  Let's make a stylish limited book with picture cards and photos surrounding you! The basics of Japanese style book binding like beautiful notebooks which will be also a gift, bound books and folded books have been introduced. The instruction is unexpectedly easy, and special tools to make it are not necessary.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208678/
11208-1   Cartonnage   Bunka Publishing Bureau A beautiful box covered with fabric, which is named "cartonnage". This edition shows the idea and technique of transforming it by covering with fabrics, doing embroidery and patchworks.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579112081/
20739-8   French style Cartonnage   Bunka Publishing Bureau Cartonnage is popular at antique fair. This book introduces handmade cartonnage of your favorite fabric, in 8 patterns -square, riound, ellipse etc. The combination of fabric and detailed processes have been illustrated in photos. This is recommended for fans of handcraft and sewing.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579207398/
20953-8   Scrapbooking   Mick + Chalk Scrapbooking is the craft in which photos play a leading role. When one photo is stored in album, its vivid and impressive visual scenes and memories can be give as a message. Let's start with papers, scissors and glue.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209538/
21042-8   Paper cutting for all seasons   Kanako Yaguchi Folding, cutting and opening the paper, it will be "papar cutting". The attraction is the convenience that everyone can make paper and scissors. The auther, who is very popular as cutting introduces the more-advanced pleasure of doing it, adding the sense of season.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210428/
20970-5   Handmade Bookmaking   Yo Yamazaki The various handmade designs of books are introduced with instructions. - a book bound in a thread like a stitch, a notebook of which front cover is of favorite fabrics, a diary casually made of leather are these examples. Original bookmaking will be closer to us with this book.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209705/
21043-5   Handmade Bookmaking and Boxmaking    Yo Yamazaki This book proposes bookmaking that will be utilized in your daily life, such as making album, notebook and dictionary, and redecorating paperback.The attractive books which will be finished with a cover of fabric and leather have been introduced with detailed instructions. This also includes the instructions of boxes that will store books, such as Meoto box.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210435/
20933-0   Origata Lesson   Kazuki Yamane Origata is a way of wrapping a gift in Japanese paper, peculiar custom for Japan. In order to utilize mind of coutesy and beauty of designs in it, the modern ways of wrapping the familiar things in various papers have been introduced, together with description of how to fold.      http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209330/
Others 2 20683-4   Antique Porcelain Form & Painting   Mieko Yamada Dishes that the time has passed by impress us as enthusiasm of the porcelain creators and painters will add the deep flavor together with the affection toward them. The final volume will give the form and paiting an exquisite look, reference book for porcelain paiting.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579206834/
21057-2   Antique Porcelain Skill & Spirit   Mieko Yamada From 100 to 150 years ago, many of porcelain painters archieved a great performance at Dresden in eastern part of Germany, and their works are popular among European people. About 330 items such as cup and saucer, are introduced for each craft center. glamorousness and techniques are main features in this volume.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210572/
20930-9   Fog Linen Work   Yumiko Sekine The auther who manages the shop of linen items has introduced linen from multilateral viewpoints. This book includes the ideas for casual use of linen, how to treat fabric, sewing plant, handwork.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209309/
11089--6   Old time handkies   Bunka Publishing Bureau You will be satisfied with the attraction of antique handkerchieves through this book. The 250 precious handkerchieves from 1930's to 1960's have been introduced with comments of collectors. Flowers, initials, polka dots and commemorative products have been produced together with the remake of handkerchieves.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579110896/
20939-2   French Fabric   Bunka Publishing Bureau 200 kinds of printed fabric of the days when sewing at home was ordinary have been introduced. Specially, the fabric for kids is adorable in typical French color and print. Fabric lovers will be impressed and irresistibly attracted with preservation in good conditions.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209392/
21021-3   French Fabric No.2   Bunka Publishing Bureau 210 kinds of fabrics that are used habitually by French common people from 1946 to 1959 have been introduced. The reason why these have the retro and nostalgic atomosphere is that these were models as Japanese fabric. You will be never tired of seeing these expressive colors and prints!   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579210213/
20819-7   Love of Linen   Mayumi Maeda Does linen mean hemp? To be precise, it indicates flax. It is practical and the heavier it is used, the more increasing its texture is. It is elegant but tough material. The auther , who is love of linen tells its attraction with enthusiasm.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579208197/
20950-7   mina perhonen 1 texitile   mina perhonen Mina Perhonen is popular with original fabric and making clothes. This is the first edition of the series that collect all the original-made fabric until spring and summer 2005 in commemoration of 10th foundation of this brand. 98 items have been introduced, and English translation have been included, as well as Japanese description.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209507/
20951-4   mina perhonen 2 embroidery   mina perhonen The second edition of the series that focus on the Mina Perhonen's fabric deals with "embroidery" as theme. Print of one needle expresses originality and firm belief. 52 items have been introduced, and English translation have been included, as well as Japanese description.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209514/
20952-1   mina perhonen 1 print   mina perhonen The third edition of the series focuses on print. You can glimpse the designer's world of imagination on the fabric based on the original drawing that will produce the different atomosphere and color every time. 101 items have been introduced, and English translation have been included, as well as Japanese description.   http://books.bunka.ac.jp/np/isbn/9784579209521/